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Bill Payne on Fundable Start-ups

Bill Payne with Damian Scattergood on fundable start-ups

Bill Payne, Angel Investor with Damian at a HotHouse event on fundable start-ups.

Thursday 19th of April 2012 was a fantastic day here at the Docklands Innovation Park when we had the chance to meet Bill Payne, America’s 2009 Angel Investor of the year. Bill has invested in over 50 companies including DoubleClick. His successful track record makes amazing reading.

Bill was visiting the HotHouse entrepreneurship program based in the Docklands Innovation Park where STAR has its Dublin office. It was great to be able to meet and discuss this topic with him. The title of his presentation was “Fundable Companies” which caught my eye straight away. At the end of the day, the real question for any investor or managing director is “the project or company actually fundable?” All too often business plans have great ideas and lots of out-of-the-air sales figures and projections, but what investors look for is the core of the business.

Management Team is Key

One of the key factors that Bill highlighted was the strength of the management team. You may have a great product and a million-dollar market, but can you actually manage the company when it gets to that size? As companies grow, you have to evaluate your management skills (across the company) and ascertain who is the right person to manage it and what skills they require.

The skills to manage a 5-person start-up are not the same as those required to manage a 100-person company. Sometimes a CEO has to decide and plan when they need to be replaced. If you are looking to have an exit sale of your company, perhaps it is better to put in a CEO that has done it before, so they can manage up and out for that trade sale.

But I’m only a Start-up

You might not be the million-dollar company looking to be bought out if you are just a start-up. Again Bill offered some excellent advice on how to manage the early-start investment (or whatever cash you had) and how to focus on building your company. Start-up companies should first consider…

  1. where to focus?
  2. how to spend and manage cash?
  3. and where to build the correct value in your organization?

Angels are people too

Young entrepreneurs often forget that angels are people too. They have the same concerns and worries about any business as you do. They may have the money you need to build a company, but have to be careful where they put it. Bill told us that 50pc of his investments go nowhere. That’s a lot of money to lose; he looks for companies that might deliver back 20 times a return. If you were looking to have an angel invest between 500K and 1 million in your company, they would be looking at getting 20 million in a trade sale in perhaps 5 years. So think before you leap.

Top 7 tips given to us by Bill…

  1. your management team is important
  2. scalability: your business needs to be able to scale fast (i.e. production, people and management skills)
  3. Angel Investors tend to invest in local companies, so do your homework on who is in your area
  4. potential fundable companies should be customer-ready
    • you should have some customers and a little traction in the market
    • Angel money gives you the funding you need to scale, it is not research money
  5. competitive advantage: you need to have some form of competitive advantage
    • if someone can copy you tomorrow and take the market away forget it. It doesn’t mean you need IP rights etc, this can come later, just an edge to get the first 10 million in sales!
  6. niche markets helps
    • if you are in a market the big companies aren’t looking at, you can take market share quickly
  7. sales and marketing plan: make sure you have a proper sales plan
    • not that we’ll get 1pc of the market by 2012; how are you actually going to sell your product?

If you’re interested in learning more about Bill Paynes’s system for ensuring you’re ready for investment, then check out his website.

The STAR Team

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Bord Gáis Energy Social Media Awards 2012, Nominated

Social Media Awards 2012, nominated

We are delighted to tell you that STAR has been nominated for the Bord Gáis Energy Social Media Awards 2012. Over the past six months, our followers will know over that we’ve been blogging, posting on Facebook and Tweeting like mad to tell everyone about translation and language. It’s been really hard work, but great fun too.


We’ve a couple of great videos that we produced, including our learn how to speak Irish videos.

The culmination of all the hard work is that we are nominated in four separate categories:

  • Online PR Campaign
  • Blog of a Business
  • Video / Video Campaign (non-broadcast)
  • Best Business Twitter account: marketing, sales sponsored

The competition will be tough. We’re up against Jedward in one of them! Wish us luck!

You can view the entire nomination list on the Social Media Award website.

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Finance Bill 2012 to Attract Investments to Ireland

Finance Bill 2012

Finance Bill 2012

Finance Bill 2012

The finer details of the Budget 2012 have been released in the Finance Bill 2012 and it contains a significant number of items that favour Foreign Direct Investments. The Finance Bill 2012 contains major incentives for companies investing in Ireland. The main points are:

  • Research and Development (R & D) relief
    • Key employees, excluding directors and certain others, can avail of a reduction in their income tax liability where their employer surrenders their R&D tax credit to the employee in question
  • Foreign Earnings Deduction (FED)
    • Support for companies expanding into certain emerging markets by giving employees tax relief
  • Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP)
    • Intent to encourage the relocation of key talents within organizations to Ireland; further improvements have been made as well as many restrictions have been removed
  • For instance, the Budget 2012 will keep:

  • 12.50% Corporate Tax Rate applicable to Irish trading
  • 0% rate for new companies for the first three years of trading which were incorporated and started trading in 2009 (with profit up to 320,000 per annum)
  • Ireland keep holding and negotiating a network of double taxation treaties. It avoids the need to pay tax twice on the same income or gains for international companies. Currently, 55 countries are concerned and 46 countries already applied it – including BRIC countries

Those incentives should attract talent and create jobs. Indeed it supports export by helping companies willing to expand their business into emerging markets. It also would grant a special deduction for an individual spending at least 60 days a year in developing market for BRIC countries.

For further information, please follow the link below:

Finance Bill 2012
The STAR Team

National Entrepreneurial Business Awards, Shortlisted

National Entrepreneurial Business Awards 2012, shortlisted

Wish us luck for the National Entrepreneurial Business Awards.

National Entrepreneurial Business Awards 2012

We have been shortlisted for the Entrepreneurial Business Awards in Dublin. We are delighted to share the good news with our followers.

The EBA Gala night will take place in Kildare on the 18th of May. This is the first year for the EBA Awards and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate Irish Entrepreneurs at all levels.

The event has regional awards per county and an overall All-Ireland Award for the best companies. We are shortlisted for our customer service and technology development for our customers. It’s great to hear good news about so many companies doing well, supporting our country and growing Ireland’s new business culture.

For more information visit the EY Entrepreneur of the Year website.

The STAR Team

Kerrykeel’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2012

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2012

We were in Kerrykeel’s for St Patrick’s Day. Enjoy the video and photos of the parade.

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Saint Patrick’s Day in Letterkenny 2012

Saint Patrick’s Day

We attending the Saint Patrick’s Day in Letterkenny 2012, County Donegal. We hope you enjoy the video and photos of the parade. Please feel free to share them.

Thanks to everyone in Letterkenny for a great time this Saint Patrick’s weekend.

Find more pictures on our Facebook page.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day from STAR Translation

This is our special video for Saint Paddy’s Day. Enjoy it and share it with all your friends around the world.

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Speak Irish with us

Happy Irish language week, speak Irish with us

Happy Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Happy Seachtain na Gaeilge, speak Irish with us

To promote the Irish language and culture both at home and abroad, Seachtain na Gaeilge organizes a two-week festival held on 5th to 17th March.

The motto of the festival is Croí na Teanga — It’s You!, which means ‘heart of the language – it’s You!’.

Everyone of every age and from around the world can take part to celebrate the Irish language.

The festival has built up incredible momentum in recent years becoming the largest celebration of the Irish language and culture held in Ireland every year. During Seachtain na Gaeilge, many events occur to promote the Irish language week from simple conversational evenings to street céilís, speed dating to wine tasting, all as Gaeilge (in Irish!). It gives everyone a chance to experiment with Irish no matter what level.

Organizations, local councils, schools, libraries, music, sporting and cultural bodies all take part in the Seachtain na Gaeilge events. To schedule your event, visit the SnaG.

Irish Word of the Day

We are contributing to that special week by providing free daily Irish lessons on our blog. We publish a new Irish word of the day every day for Irish week.

It’s an easy way to prepare you for the event and get you in the swing of trying out a few words. Discover a simple way to learn Irish.

Based in Dublin, we are one of Ireland’s leading providers of Irish translation services. Need a quote on Irish translation? Contact us today or give us a call on +353 1 836 5614.

Slán go fóill.

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110 Bliain de Sheachtain na Gaeilge


Dublin, Ireland – 6th March 2012, Is é an réalta raidió agus teilifíse Eoghan Mac Diarmada atá ina phearsa ag Seachtain na Gaeilge 2012, ach beidh cabhair aige ag spreagadh an phobail le páirt a ghlacadh i gceann de na féilte Gaeilge is fadmharthanaí ar an bhfód, ó tá an Taoiseach ag tacú le seoladh na féile níos déanaí inniu.

110 bliain de sheachtain na Gaeilge, 2012

Is é an réalta raidió agus teilifíse Eoghan Mac Diarmada atá ina phearsa ag Seachtain na Gaeilge 2012, ach beidh cabhair aige ag spreagadh an phobail le páirt a ghlacadh i gceann de na féilte Gaeilge is fadmharthanaí ar an bhfód, ó tá an Taoiseach ag tacú le seoladh na féile níos déanaí inniu.

Tá an fhéile idirnáisiúnta Ghaeilge is mó ar domhan ag ceiliúradh 110 bliain ar an saol i mbliana agus beidh na céadta imeachtaí á reáchtáil ar fud na cruinne mar chuid de Sheachtain na Gaeilge 2012 ón 5 – 17 Márta 2012. Mar chuid de sheoladh Sheachtain na Gaeilge i mbliana, beidh grianghraif* á nglacadh leis an Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD agus Eoghan Mac Diarmada sa chlós ag Tithe an Rialtais, Sráid Mhuirfean, Baile Átha Cliath 2, ag 1.45in tráthnóna inniu, Dé Máirt, 06 Márta 2012.

Cuirfear críoch le seoladh oifigiúil na féile náisiúnta i gClub Chonradh na Gaeilge ag 6.00in inniu leis, áit go mbeidh Eoghan Mac Diarmada ina fhear an tí fad agus a labhróidh an tAire Stáit Donnchadh Mac Fhionnlaoich TD agus Ferdie Mac an Fhailigh, Príomhfheidhmeannach Fhoras na Gaeilge, ar ról Sheachtain na Gaeilge ag spreagadh na teanga i measc an phobail ó 1902 go dtí an lá atá inniu ann.

Arsa Eoghan Mac Diarmada, pearsa Sheachtain na Gaeilge 2012: “Tá áit ar leith ag an nGaeilge i mo chroí agus déanaim iarracht fiú cúpla focal a labhairt gach lá, is cuma an obair chraoltóireachta nó an obair aisteoireachta atá idir lámha agam, mar sin thapaigh mé an deis a bheith i mo phearsa do Sheachtain na Gaeilge i mbliana.”

Tá clú agus cáil in Éirinn agus thar lear ar Eoghan Mac Diarmada ó tá sé ina láithreoir teilifíse leis an gclár úr The Voice ar RTÉ agus ina DJ raidió ar XFM i Londain. Aisteoir agus córagrafaí is ea Mac Diarmada freisin, atá tar éis aisteoireacht i gcláir dá leithéid Seacht agus rince le roinnt de na ceoltóirí is mó ar domhan – Rihanna, Pussycat Dolls agus Chris Brown ina measc.

Leanann Mac Diarmada: “Ó mo thaithí féin, feictear dom go bhfuil cúpla focal Gaeilge ag gach duine, idir pholaiteoirí, cheoltóirí, tiománaithe busanna agus thuismitheoirí san áireamh. Táim ag impí ar dhaoine a gcuid Gaeilge a úsáid i ngach gné den saol, sa bhaile agus thar lear, chomh minic agus gur féidir leo, agus go háirithe le linn Sheachtain na Gaeilge.”

Tá breis agus 800 imeacht cláraithe go hoifigiúil le Seachtain na Gaeilge d’fhéile na bliana seo agus tá clár iomlán na n-imeachtaí seo ar fáil ar-líne ag Sa bhreis ar na himeachtaí oifigiúla a dhéanann comhairlí áitiúla, leabharlanna agus an iliomad eagraíochtaí eile a chlárú le hoifig Sheachtain na Gaeilge gach bliain, is iomaí grúpaí áitiúla agus na mílte scoil ar fud na tíre a reáchtálann imeachtaí chun an teanga a spreagadh ina gceantar féin mar chuid den cheiliúradh náisiúnta ar an nGaeilge.

Dúirt Brenda Ní Ghairbhí, Bainisteoir Gníomhach Sheachtain na Gaeilge: “Is bliain ríthábhachtach don bhféile Ghaeilge í i mbliana, ó tá Seachtain na Gaeilge 110 bliain ar an bhfód ag spreagadh úsáid na teanga in Éirinn agus thar lear, agus táimid an-bhródúil go bhfuil imeachtaí cláraithe go hoifigiúil linn ó gach contae in Éirinn chomh maith le hocht dtír eile, in áiteanna chomh fada i gcéin leis an Astráil, Cúba agus na Stáit Aontaithe. Ní hamháin go mbeidh Rith 2012 – féile agus ollrith sealaíochta ar son na Gaeilge – ar cheann de phríomhimeachtaí is nuálaí agus is spraíúla de chuid Sheachtain na Gaeilge i mbliana leis, ach tá idir ranganna tonnmharcaíochta agus scóráil sciobtha as Gaeilge ar chlár na féile seo freisin, mar sin féach ar chun imeacht áitiúil a aimsiú agus glac páirt!”

Mar chuid de Sheachtain na Gaeilge 2012, tá Lá Gaeilge á reáchtáil i dTithe an Oireachtais amárach, Dé Céadaoin, 07 Márta 2012, áit go mbeidh Ord Gnó, Ceisteanna na gCeannairí, agus ráitis ar an teanga á reáchtáil trí mheán na Gaeilge sa Dáil agus go mbeidh díospóireachtaí i nGaeilge ar siúl sa Seanad.

Tuilleadh Eolais

Brenda Ní Ghairbhí, Bainisteoir Gníomhach, Seachtain na Gaeilge, +353 (0)86 364 9776 / +353 (0)1 475 7401

Jen Ní Mhathúna, Oifigeach Riaracháin, Seachtain na Gaeilge +353 (0)1 475 7401 / jen (at) snag dot ie


Grianghriaf ócáide: *Beidh Justin Mac Innes ó Mac Innes Photography, 64 Sráid an Mhóta Íochtar, Baile Átha Cliath ag seoladh na grianghraif ó phreasocáid an lae inniu chuig na meáin.

Is féile idirnáisiúnta Ghaeilge í Seachtain na Gaeilge a ritear i mí an Mhárta gach bliain agus a chuireann úsáid na Gaeilge agus an chultúir Ghaelaigh chun cinn, anseo in Éirinn agus thar lear. Bhunaigh Conradh na Gaeilge an eagraíocht sa bhliain 1902. Tá an fhéile tar éis neart fuinnimh a bhailiú le blianta beaga anuas, agus tá sí anois ar an gceiliúradh is mó dár dteanga agus dár gcultúr dúchais a ritear in Éirinn gach bliain, ag sciobadh tíortha eile linn ar an mbealach. Tugann an fhéile deis go gach uile dhuine spraoi a bheith acu leis an nGaeilge, idir chainteoirí dúchais, fhoghlaimeoirí agus lucht an chúpla focal araon. Déanann eagraíochtaí, comhairlí áitiúla, scoileanna, leabharlanna, agus eagrais cheoil, spóirt agus chultúrtha a n-imeachtaí do Sheachtain na Gaeilge a chlárú leis an oifig agus beidh féile na bliana seo ar siúl ón 5ú to 17ú Márta 2012.

Is ionstraim aontaithe é Aontas Phobal na Gaeilge (APG) atá ag gníomhú chun leas na teanga, ar bhonn uile Éireann agus go hidirnáisiúnta, trí fhorbairt agus pleanáil níos straitéisí don Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn. Tá Aontas Phobal na Gaeilge comhdhéanta de na heagrais Comhaltas Uladh, Comhluadar, Conradh na Gaeilge, Glór na nGael agus Seachtain na Gaeilge, eagrais atá ag plé le gnéithe éagsúla d’fhorbairt na Gaeilge i measc an phobail agus a tháinig le chéile le hionstraim oibre nua a bhunú ar mhaithe le seirbhísí níos éifeachtaí a sholáthar, agus ar luach airgid níos fearr a bhaint amach.

The STAR Team

Éireann abú, Seachtain na Gaeilge

Éireann abú!

Is rud maith é a bheith Éireannach inniu mar tá muid ar bharr an Domhain.

Comhgairdeachas do Prodijig a bhuachaint and clár rince ar SKY inné.

Agus go-mhaith le sin tá Rory McIlroy an imreoir galf is fearr ar domhan ar maidin.

The STAR Team