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Top 10 Languages on the Internet

Top 10 languages on the Internet

Top 10 Languages on the Internet, 2011

We are often asked, “what is the best language to translate our website into?”

More and more people are using the Internet every day, and in many different languages. The chart above will help you decide which languages to translate your website into based on the number of Internet users and the languages they use online.

As English is an international language, the analytics from Internet World Stats show that most people use English when surfing the web. Indeed, English speaking internet users increased by 5%, from 537 million users to 565 million between 2010 and 2011.

Chinese ranked second with about 510 million internet users. The number of Chinese internet users increased by 14.6% from 445 million in 2010 to 510 million in 2011.

Then, Spanish ranked third with a growth increase of 7.8% between 2010 and 2011. The number of Spanish internet users grew from 153 to 165 million.

Top 10 languages on the Internet, Internet users by languages in 2011

Users by language, 2011

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At the time of publication we offered translation services for 40 languages. We have updated this article to read more than 70 languages as part of our new services – 11th December 2015

50 Changes to Google Search Engine

Changes to Google Search, March 2012

In March, Google made some 50 changes to the Google Search Engine — all positive and will have a huge impact on websites and current SEO.

The changes to Google Search include items such as:

  • Better indexing of profile pages. [launch codename “Prof-2”] This change improves the comprehensiveness of public profile pages in the Google index from more than two-hundred social sites
  • High-quality sites algorithm data update and freshness improvements. [launch codename mm, project codename Panda] Like many of the changes Google make, aspects of the high-quality sites algorithm depend on processing that’s done offline and pushed. In the past month, Google has pushed updated data for Panda
  • Live results for UEFA Champions League and KHL. Google have added live-updating snippets in search results for the KHL (Russian Hockey League) and UEFA Champions League, including scores and schedules. Now you can find live results from a variety of sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, NHL and others
  • Tennis search feature. [launch codename DoubleFault] Google have introduced a new search feature to provide real time tennis scores at the top of the search results page. Try [maria sharapova] or [sony ericsson open]
  • Fresher image predictions in all languages. [launch codename Imagine2, project codename Suggest] Google recently rolled out a change to surface more relevant image search predictions in autocomplete in English. This improvement extends the update to all languages
  • Tweaks to handling of anchor text. [launch codename PC]. This makes for better quality link scores
  • Fewer undesired synonyms. [project codename Synonyms] When you search on Google, it often identifies other search terms that might have the same meaning as what you entered in the box (synonyms) and surface results for those terms as well when it might be helpful. This month they tweaked a classifier to prevent unhelpful synonyms from being introduced as content in the results set
  • Better handling of queries with both navigational and local intent
  • Better local results and sources in Google News
  • Improvements to Image Search relevance
  • Tweaks to language detection in autocomplete

For the full list of changes see Google Inside Search.

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Top 10 Sites, 2012

Top 10 Sites, Global Players

If you are doing international business, then you have to make sure your website is visible to everyone — you need to understand the competition. Everyone knows Google is the number one site in the world, but who are the other big players?

Top 10 Sites of 2012

  1. Google Search: As expected, Google is the world’s number one search engine
  2. Facebook: The world’s most “liked site” and social platform of choice around the world. And still growing at an amazing rate!
  3. YouTube: The site replacing our TVs. More video content is uploaded every day to YouTube than the entire global TV production output. YouTube is the new TV!
  4. Yahoo!: Despite all you hear about Yahoo it still commands a massive audience
  5. Baidu: The number one Chinese search engine. If you’re doing business in China, then you need to be sure your site is visible on Baidu
  6. Wikipedia: If you need to know everything about anything, then Wikipedia is the website of choice for information
  7. Windows Live: Microsoft’s communication engine
  8. Blogspot: Free blogging site hosted by — yes you guessed it — Google!
  9. QQ: China’s largest Internet portal
  10. Twitter: For all those people in the world that need to communicate in 140 characters or less

Just outside the Top 10, but still in the top 20 are Amazon, LinkedIn, Google India, TaoBao, Yahoo Japan, MSN and eBay

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Source: Alexa March 2012

What is the Irish Word for Computer?

Computer Doctor, formerly Marx Computers, Irish word for computer

Irish Word for Computer

An bhfuil Gaeilge agat? Do you speak Irish?

It is amazing how many people have answered with yes or cúpla focail for Seachtain na Gaeilge this year.

One of the yes answers came from Rosemary, the managing director of Computer Doctor, formerly Marx Computers in Crescent Place, Dublin.

Rosemary is a fluent Irish speaker and helps spread the word as Gaeilge in the I.T. world.

In answer to our question, what’s the Irish word for computer? It’s ríomhaire.

Other I.T. Words in Irish

  • The Internet: An tIdirlíon
  • Facebook application: Feidhmchlár Facebook
Computer Doctor, formerly Marx Computers, Irish word for computer

Rosemary, Ryan and Stephen from Marx Computers, sharing a cúpla focail with us

Next time you need a new computer, visit Rosemary and her team and say Dia dhuit from STAR!

Find Computer Doctor for services and repair or call them on (01) 853 1111

Más rud é go bhfuil riomhaire nua a lorg, cur glaoch ar Rosemary ó Computer Doctor ar (01) 853 1111

Ta cupla focal agam

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Google drop translate API

Google Translate API Dropped

Earlier this month, Google officially announced that it was deprecating and phasing out its translate API.

This means that website developers will no longer be able to use the code that makes Google’s translation algorithms that automatically provided translated material for other websites.

The standalone Google Translate site will remain, though; this allows you to enter text or URLs for quick translation.

Google put the decision down to an overuse by Spammers of their system to translate spam and phishing emails which are sent on a regular basis around the world.

Google stated, “The Google Translate API has been officially deprecated as of May 26, 2011. Due to the substantial economic burden caused by extensive abuse, the number of requests you may make per day will be limited and the API will be shut off completely on December 1, 2011. For website translations, we encourage you to use the Google Translate Cloud.

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Browsershots, Check how you look in 85 different ways

Browsershots Web design checker, responsive and cross-compatible Web design

Browsershots Web Design Checker

Browsershots is a new, free open-source online service created by Johann C. Rocholl.

It takes screenshots of your website in different browsers, so you can see exactly how your customers see your new website. It’s also called cross-browser compatibility — perfect for checking your latest designs across all popular browsers.

Visit Browsershots and try it out.

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