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Google Warns SEO Experts for Over-optimization

Google Warns SEO Experts

In Matt Cutts’s latest video on Google Search Engine Optimization, he warns Google will penalize sites for over-optimization.

The next generation of Google Search will analyse sites that have been heavily optimized. The idea is to level the playing field for all users online.

Listen to Matt and share your opinion with us.

What do you think? Is it a good or bad move by Google?

The STAR Team

Top 10 Sites, 2012

Top 10 Sites, Global Players

If you are doing international business, then you have to make sure your website is visible to everyone — you need to understand the competition. Everyone knows Google is the number one site in the world, but who are the other big players?

Top 10 Sites of 2012

  1. Google Search: As expected, Google is the world’s number one search engine
  2. Facebook: The world’s most “liked site” and social platform of choice around the world. And still growing at an amazing rate!
  3. YouTube: The site replacing our TVs. More video content is uploaded every day to YouTube than the entire global TV production output. YouTube is the new TV!
  4. Yahoo!: Despite all you hear about Yahoo it still commands a massive audience
  5. Baidu: The number one Chinese search engine. If you’re doing business in China, then you need to be sure your site is visible on Baidu
  6. Wikipedia: If you need to know everything about anything, then Wikipedia is the website of choice for information
  7. Windows Live: Microsoft’s communication engine
  8. Blogspot: Free blogging site hosted by — yes you guessed it — Google!
  9. QQ: China’s largest Internet portal
  10. Twitter: For all those people in the world that need to communicate in 140 characters or less

Just outside the Top 10, but still in the top 20 are Amazon, LinkedIn, Google India, TaoBao, Yahoo Japan, MSN and eBay

The STAR Team

Source: Alexa March 2012

Google gets personal

Google gets personal, Google logo

Google gets personal with new changes in Search

Google gets personal with new personal search query results to roll out.

As part of its progress into the social media area, Google can now index your personal photos and data as posted and profile you for individual searches.

Personal search allows Google to:

  1. know more about you and what you search for
  2. allows for personalized searches based on your Google account
  3. includes personal (social) information in Google searches as required

For more information, read the full article on the Yahoo! Finance.

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Google and SEO, rel=canonical

About rel=canonical

This time we’ve a blog specially for techies. We have been doing some work on our own website and SEO recently and one of the big items of discussion is the tag rel=canonical in HTML.

It is difficult to understand, but it’s important to know about it. Google checks for this tag in the head section of every page when crawling your site for SEO purposes. We found a great link on Matt Cutts’s website which explains how it works, how Google sees it and he gives some advice on how to use it appropriately.

Visit Matt Cutts’s blog

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Google drop translate API

Google Translate API Dropped

Earlier this month, Google officially announced that it was deprecating and phasing out its translate API.

This means that website developers will no longer be able to use the code that makes Google’s translation algorithms that automatically provided translated material for other websites.

The standalone Google Translate site will remain, though; this allows you to enter text or URLs for quick translation.

Google put the decision down to an overuse by Spammers of their system to translate spam and phishing emails which are sent on a regular basis around the world.

Google stated, “The Google Translate API has been officially deprecated as of May 26, 2011. Due to the substantial economic burden caused by extensive abuse, the number of requests you may make per day will be limited and the API will be shut off completely on December 1, 2011. For website translations, we encourage you to use the Google Translate Cloud.

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Google AdWords: new support forum

New Support Forum, AdWords Campaigns

For all internet marketers and e-commerce teams: a useful new link for you from Google.

Google launched a new help forum dedicated to SMEs who are managing their own AdWords campaigns.

Google has lots of other support forums to discuss how to get the best from your online presence.

We help customers do more international business by providing the language services, support and advice for developing international websites.

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Votre site web est-il bien protégé ? Un petit coup de pouce de Google

Aujourd’hui, le trafic internet mondial est tellement dense qu’il devient important de faire en sorte que votre site web soit bien protégé.

A-t-il déjà été piraté, ou infecté par un virus ou logiciel malveillant ?

Nous conseillons à tous les développeurs de sites web de vérifier votre site régulièrement. Voici une technique toute simple pour vérifier rapidement la sécurité de votre page sur Google.

Copiez-collez cette ligne dans la barre d’adresse, en remplaçant simplement “votrenomdedomaine” par l’adresse de votre site internet: (site en anglais)

Même s’il n’est pas complet et qu’il ne peut pas détecter si des faux liens ou du contenu ont été ajoutés à votre site, il peut néanmoins identifier si Google a détecté des logiciels malveillants ou d’autres menaces sur votre site.

L’agence STAR vous aide à localiser votre site web dans plus de mille combinaisons de langues à travers le monde.

Google Translate English to Animal

English to Animal Translation from Google

Only Google could do it!

A new product launched yesterday for Android devices introduces translation from English to animal languages. You will be able to communicate more effectively with your pets. Now you can really tell your dog that you love them.

Take a look at the video if you don’t believe us.

Visit Google’s Translate for Animals web page for more details.

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Is your Website Secure? A little help from Google

Is Your Website Secure from hackers?

With so much international Web traffic nowadays, it is important to ensure your website is secure for malware and attacks. Has it been hacked recently? Does it contain any malware or viruses?

Our web team advises all web developers and site owners to check your sites regularly. There’s a convenient way to check the safety of your site with the Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Report.

Replace in the input field with your site’s URL.

Whilst not completely comprehensive — it will not detect sites that have had spurious links or content added — it may identify if Google has spotted malware or other threats on your site.

We deliver website localization services to customers for over 1,000 language combinations.

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