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Letter Q in spelling

Letter Q in Spelling, English

Letter Q in spelling, English

Master the Letter Q in Spelling, English

Q is one of the trickier letters to learn about in English spelling, as it’s often confused with C and K in phonetics. Here are the Q spelling rules to help you use it correctly and improve your spelling in the English language.

The letter Q is always followed by the letter U; at the start of a word, or after an S; it makes a sound like KW…


  • quick
  • quite
  • quiz
  • queen
  • quote
  • quantity
  • queue
  • squid
  • square

Some words end with QUE — these words with QU make a K like sound.


  • technique
  • cheque
  • unique
  • plaque
  • mosque
  • antique

These examples come from our Spelling Rules game, which helps improve your spelling skills. It was designed to help people with dyslexia improve their spelling in English. The game Spelling Rules created by Claire McNelis as part of her Master’s thesis in Digital Media at NUI, Galway. She wanted to create an application that would teach spelling rules in a way that was simple and accessible for dyslexic people.

Play the Spelling Game

Play the game for free by selecting the letter Q at the beginning. There are other games available too.

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Duolingo Free App Brings Classrooms Online

Language Learning

Duolingo Free App brings online learning to classrooms

Duolingo Free App for Schoolchildren, Teachers

A new app that has been on the market for over two years will help schoolchildren learn a new language, for free!

In developing countries like Malaysia, Ethiopia, and Mozambique, learning a new language such as English is seen as a ticket out of poverty. Well, at least a certain level of proficiency. The need for English language teachers is unquestionable. However, despite the demand, English teachers in these countries cannot speak English either.

For two developers, and co-founders of the popular app, Duolingo, Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker, believe it could aid language learners where resources are limited.

Duolingo first appeared on the App Store over two and a half years ago and today is holds an estimated 60 million users worldwide. But it’s not just benefiting those where access to good education is a problem; von Ahn sees it as a language educational tool for classrooms the world over.

With this in mind, von Ahn and his colleague Hacker are launching a new platform, ‘Duolingo for Schools’: an app that will enable teachers to track students’ progress and activity, and subsequently tailor lectures and classroom exercises.

“It’s hard to know how many, but we think right now we have a few thousand teachers using Duolingo without this feature. I think this will multiply that by a factor of ten easily,” von Ahn states.

Duolingo’s success is down to an increase in the activity of online learning, and the fact that it’s perceived by many that you can get a quality education for free online; an idea that has gone mainstream as the online learning space swells with newer and better learning apps, and even learning games!

Making money for free!

How does a free app pay the bills? The co-founders developed a business model to help pay for the free service. After a student finishes a lesson in Duolingo, they can test how much they have acquired by translating a piece of text in a news article or the like. With companies like Buzzfeed and CNN who pay Duolingo for these crowdsourced translations, according to von Ahn, it is Duolingo’s millions of students who churn out several hundred articles a day.

With all these advantages, some language academics have cautioned the use of apps like Duolingo, saying it can never replace the teacher, or the textbook, particularly at the university level.

“You can review vocabulary and practice verb forms, but it’s not giving you any cultural context.”

“You can review vocabulary and practice verb forms, but it’s not giving you any cultural context,” says Elise Mueller who’s an academic technology consultant specializing in language teaching and technology at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

Whether or not Duolingo was designed for the classroom, teachers started incorporating it into their curriculum and since the original app wasn’t designed for this, teachers have had to make some unconventional workarounds. But ‘Duolingo for Schools’ will change all that.

Do you use Duolingo? If not, would you consider learning a new language through it? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Wired

Free Welcome Poster in Different Languages

Welcome poster in different languages

Welcome in different languages / STAR Translation Imaging

Would you like to say a big welcome to your customers and friends in different languages?

Now you can with our free welcome poster in different languages. Click the links below to view and download the free printable versions for your office or home, and share it with friends.

We created this welcome poster, in sixteen popular languages, to show our customers just some of the languages we are asked to translate into, typically from English.

Ideally, hang it on wall or door that sees many people pass by: in an office or any communal area. This poster is perfect for hostels, hotels, B&Bs, schools and colleges — that see a lot of international guests.

Welcome Poster (7MB, JPG)

Welcome Poster, high resolution (16MB, PDF)

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What does free mean?

Free Spaces Available, what does free mean?

Free spaces available / STAR Translation imaging

What does free mean? Today, I want to discuss my favourite topic, context and why it’s important for translation.

On my trip to work this morning, I passed our local crèche which was displaying the message: “Free Spaces Available”.

Hm. What does that actually mean?

If you have kids and have ever put them into a crèche, you’ll know this can mean a couple of things, that they have:

  1. spaces available for kids now (free ones!)
  2. spaces for kids available now and are for free
  3. some crèches want you to pay for a space on their entry list, so these are free
  4. some spaces available now, that are for free

Yes, put your kid here for free! This probably isn’t the case, but you can see how the text can be misinterpreted. For me, I think, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that this sign would have been much more accurate if it simply said, “spaces available”. If it read free just confuses people.

Reviewing messages and adverts like this shows how complex it would be to have it translated. When translating, we often come across sentences like this which can have ambiguous meanings. Professional translators are trained to look out for them and question the meaning with the customer.

Context matters in every language; read about why context matters in translation.

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How do you say handball in different languages?

How do you say handball in different languages?

Learn to say handball in different languages / STAR Translation Imaging

How to say handball au Français

Want to know how do you say handball in different languages when watching a French match?

French football fans cry ‘Main!’ or ‘Il y a main!’ when a football player hits the ball with his hand.

There are plenty of free football translations from English into French and many other languages in our free PDF.

Plus, you can download and print our free EURO 2012 wallchart.

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Euro 2012 Football Phrases

Free Euro 2012 Football phrases

Euro 2012 Football phrases in 14 languages

Learn how to say handball in Polish before going to the football match!

To support the Irish football team in Euro 2012, we created a Football Phrasebook to help you say handball and other phrases like he dived in 14 languages. This is the chance for our supporters to speak some Polish, Ukrainian or even Dutch football phrases. We have translated the most useful football phrases from English into the languages of the countries taking part in the Euro 2012 Championship.

We also designed an accompanying Euro 2012 wallchart for you to track your team’s progress.

Free Euro 2012 Football Phrases

You will find more free football-related translations here. The languages included are Czech, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian.

Free Downloads

Download the free Euro 2012 Football Phrasebook and the free Euro 2012 Football Wallchart for Footie fans.

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