The exports tag features blog posts about products and services sold abroad. Typically, services mentioned include translation and language services from Ireland to overseas countries.


Are You Export Ready?

Damian with Rena Cushion from Enterprise Ireland

Damian with Rena Cushion from Enterprise Ireland’s ‘Get Export Ready’ program discussing languages for exporters.

Get Export Ready, Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland’s new program to help first time exporters.

Last Wednesday we attend Enterprise Ireland’s export event in the Clarion Hotel in Santry. It was a very interesting event focused on their new ‘Get Export Ready’ program.

The event was really well attended with so many companies in Ireland growing their international businesses.

The guest speaker was John Byrne of Byrne Looby Partners, International Consulting Engineers who shared his experiences in developing overseas markets such as Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi etc. They’ve done a great job in a tough business environment.

EI’s “Get Export Ready” program which was recently been launched outlines all the key areas for any new business going into international markets from market research, funding and advice to on-going training.

Four steps to exporting

Four steps to export overseas.

The site offers a free Export Ready Healthcheck that you can complete and enables you to build your business plan for exporting.

By developing your business overseas you can…

  • spread the business risk across markets
  • open your company to new ideas for products and services
  • achieve greater economies of scale and become more cost competitive
  • enhance your credibility with customers
  • increase the skills, knowledge and expertise within your company

Exports and Translation

There was a number of great hints and tips given on the day to help you gain traction in your new markets.

A topic that was asked during the Q & A was about language translation and how you can do business in another country (when you don’t speak the language)? We found this one a really good question as there isn’t a single answer to this.

It really depends on your business model and how you choose to enter the target market. If you’re interested in this area, you can also download our white paper on Going Global. The white paper has lots of hints and tips on how to design and prepare for translation before you enter a new market.

Another interesting question was around English. Perhaps a simpler approach for first time exporters is to just target countries that speak English only.

Which countries speak English as their primary language?

Countries where English is the de facto language Region
Australia Australia
United Kingdom Europe
United States North America

Sovereign States

Countries where English is a de jure (official) language Region
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean
Barbados Caribbean
Belize Central America / Caribbean
Botswana Africa
Cameroon Africa
Canada North America
Dominica Caribbean
Eritrea Africa
Ethiopia Africa
Federated States of Micronesia Oceania
Fiji Oceania
Ghana Africa
Grenada Caribbean
Guyana South America / Caribbean
India Asia
Ireland Europe
Jamaica Caribbean
Kenya Africa
Kingdom of the Netherlands Caribbean (and Europe)
Kiribati Oceania
Lesotho Africa
Liberia Africa
Malawi Africa
Malta Europe
Marshall Islands Oceania
Mauritius Africa / Indian Ocean
Namibia Africa
Nauru Oceania
New Zealand Oceania
Nigeria Africa
Pakistan Asia
Palau Oceania
Papua New Guinea Oceania
Philippines Asia
Rwanda Africa
Saint Kitts and Nevis Caribbean
Saint Lucia Caribbean
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean
Samoa Oceania
Seychelles Africa / Indian Ocean
Sierra Leone Africa
Singapore Asia
Solomon Islands Oceania
South Africa Africa
South Sudan Africa
Sudan Africa
Swaziland Africa
Tanzania Africa
The Bahamas Caribbean
The Gambia Africa
Tonga Oceania
Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean
Tuvalu Oceania
Uganda Africa
Vanuatu Oceania
Zambia Africa
Zimbabwe Africa

The STAR Team

Ireland punches above its weight, International rankings

Irish landscape

Ireland punches above its weight, world rankings

Interesting figures from Enterprise Ireland highlight the strengths and successes of Irish businesses and what they are delivering to international markets.

According to figures published by EI, Ireland’s results are very strong in world rankings:

  • The largest exporter of infant formula in the world. 1 in 7 formula-fed babies drink infant formula produced in Ireland
  • 5th largest exporter of beef in the world and 2nd in Europe after The Netherlands
  • 50% of the world’s aircraft, on lease, is managed in Ireland
  • €1.9 trillion in funds are administered from Ireland
  • Largest net exporter (exports or imports) of pharmaceuticals in the world
  • 7th largest exporter in the world
  • 8 out of 10 top pharmaceutical companies have operations in Ireland
  • 50% of the world’s leading financial services companies are based in Ireland
  • The 10th largest investor in the US, with hundreds of companies employing more than 120,000 people across the US
  • Investment from the US into Ireland is greater than US investment in China, India, Brazil and Russia combined
  • 130 Irish companies employ more then 8,000 people in China

We work with Irish companies to help drive export sales by providing translation services for more than 70 languages.

The STAR Team

Source: Enterprise Ireland

Sourcing Products From China

Chirl Sourcing Solutions

Something we are often asked as a translation provider is if we can advise companies on how to source products from China.

One company we have worked with who specialize in this area is Chirl Sourcing Solutions.

Chirl Sourcing is a leading,experienced and innovative expert in sourcing products and components for clients who want to improve their profits With offices in Ireland and China, Chirl sources high quality product at low cost. Currently our strongest growth area is the mobile phone accessory and promotional industries, but also we are helping a lot of companies with new inventions from concept to a mass produced product.


Source products in China with Chirl Sourcing Solutions

An example of their work with SECA Innovations: Chirl’s client, SECA Innovations, the patent holder of the multi-hook tape measure, enlisted the help of Chirl to turn his patented invention into a reality.

Within four weeks Chirl had assisted SECA Innovations in engineering the tape hook and designing an ergonomic housing unique to the multi-hook tape. Chirl were entrusted with turning sketches and prototypes into 3D drawings and renderings, tooling the product for manufacture, manufacturing the tape, strict quality control monitoring and distribution of this unique product.

Chirl’s objective is to save your company’s valuable resources, both time and money, and we do this by providing the following services:

  • Sourcing products to your specification
  • Contract negotiations including technical translations from English to Chinese
  • Factory inspections
  • Manufacturing supervision
  • Shipment inspections
  • Logistics and delivery
  •  Value-added services

Chirl Sourcing understands the differences in culture and business practices between Ireland and China. Due to this we can extract the value and quality that China has to offer. Our negotiations are direct with the manufacturers which are certified to ISO 9001 and / or industry specific certification.

For more information, contact Ray Doyle on (01) 877 4444.

Visit Chirl Sourcing Solutions, LinkedIn

We provide English to Chinese translation services to help our customers grow their business in the Asian market.

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