The Enterprise Ireland tag feature blog posts about the Irish state’s economic development agency. Otherwise known as EI, it is located in Dublin’s East Point Business Park.


Enterprise Ireland, East Point Business Park

Exports up by 10%, Enterprise Ireland Companies

Enterprise Ireland exports up by 10%, East Point Business Park

Enterprise Ireland reports its companies’ exports up by 10% last year, East Point Business Park / Image credit: RTÉ

Exports up by 10% last year, Enterprise Ireland reports

Enterprise Ireland reported in its annual business review that its companies saw an increase in exports up by 10% last year – an all-time high of €20.6 billion.

Enterprise Ireland helps Irish companies export to international markets.

EI also noted that growth was seen in exports across all sectors and in most export markets.

Export Sectors

A 32% increase saw exports of internationally traded software to €1.8 billion; construction and consumers firms saw an increase in exports of 21%, a total of €2.8 billion.

Manufacturing companies reported growth by 11% showing a total of €3.4 billion and food exports grew by 3% reporting, a total of €10.6 billion.

The figures announced today show the strength and capabilities of Irish companies competing at a global level — Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor.

Exports to the USA and Canada grew by 27% to almost €3 billion, while those to the UK rose by 12% to €7.5 billion and Northern Ireland increased by 8% to €4.2 billion.

“The 2015 export figure of €20.6 billion demonstrates the scale of the success that Irish companies are seeing in terms of winning business at record levels internationally”, Julie Sinnamon, CEO of Enterprise Ireland remarked. 429 overseas presences were established, including 200 in high-growth markets.

The UK remains our largest export market, exports there have ‘fallen from 45% in 2005 to 37% in 2015’, the agency stated.

Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor commented that ‘Irish companies continue to deliver for the Irish economy.’

The STAR Team

Source: RTÉ News

Social Media Club Seminar on Social CRM

Social Media Club Seminar, Enterprise Ireland

Yesterday we attended Enterprise Ireland’s Social Media Club seminar, Best Connected Enterprise Ireland, which was held in Dublin’s East Point Business Park.

The seminar, which started at 12:15 and ended at 14:00, opened our eyes and gave us new ideas for STAR Translation. The hot topics included:

  • establishing an internal governance strategy to build relationships online through social media
  • identifying the best social media tools and platforms
  • carrying out global communications on a small budget by using social media
  • successful B2B social media marketing

Patrick Murphy the CEO of SiliconCloud,  Ed Grant the CEO of MX Sweep and Naylla Kassam the marketing manager of MX Sweep started with the main presentation.

Also, Dr Theo Lynn, director of the DCU LINK Research Centre and Maeve Desmond, gave a short presentation on the power social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have on companies and how we should use this power to bring more traffic to our websites without it costing us an arm and a leg!

The STAR Team

Foreign National Workforce as high as 22% in some industries

Enterprise Ireland logo, foreign national workforce discussion

At a recent Enterprise Ireland conference on Innovation, we met with a number of industry figures.

The percentage of foreign nationals in the workforce was a topic of conversation. A surprising part of the discussion was that industry figures show that in certain industries like catering / hotel business, the percentage of foreign national workers here in Ireland can be as high as 22%.

The STAR Team