Irish Exports Hit Record High

Cargo being exported over sea irish exports, Irish exports hit record high

Irish exports hit record high; increase in 10% since last year, reports Enterprise Ireland

According to Enterprise Ireland, exports by Irish-owned companies increased by 10% since last year; a record high value of €18.6 billion. Goods to the UK valued at €6.8 billion while exports to the USA and Canada totalled €2.3 billion in worth: that’s up 16%.

All exports to Latin America saw the biggest gain: up 42%, with sales of €224 million. Ten years, the value of export sales was €8.5 billion from companies Enterprise Ireland supports. Today, the agency reported exports stand at 51% of sales and are targeting export sales of €22 billion by the end of next year.

The software sector accounts for the biggest percentage increase in these exports.

Julie Sinnamon, chief executive of Enterprise Ireland, said that growth was recorded across all sectors as well and in all international markets.

“These results are reflected in the record jobs performance by Enterprise Ireland clients in 2014 where the agency’s clients recorded the highest net job gains in the history of the agency and further validate Enterprise Ireland’s investment in indigenous industry,” stated Julie.

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Enda Kenny’s Business Visit to China

Enda Kenny visits China for talks on further economic cooperation between the two states

Kenny starts four-day business trip to China

Business Visit to China

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny is on the last of his four-day visit to China. He is joining a trade mission involving 90 companies from Ireland. The purpose of Kenny’s current visit to China is to encourage economic and trade collaboration between Ireland and China.

Ireland has advantages which China can benefit from and China represents a vast market for Irish goods and services.

Irish companies are engaged in a continuous dynamic process of transformation centred on innovation and internationalization.

“Both Ireland and China have moved rapidly toward a knowledge-based economy built on innovation and technology and our companies have all the elements for working closer together”, stated The Irish President.

Irish culture is very popular in China and there is a great interest in Ireland among Chinese tour operators. There are also great links and possibilities in the education sector.

Mr Kenny’s visit follows the recent visit to Ireland of Xi Jinping, vice-president of China. Mr Xi said he was “deeply impressed” by his recent visit to Ireland and that he had “many pleasant memories of the warm welcome” he received in Ireland last month, reported RTÉ World News.

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Global Economics: The Joy of Stats

Global Economics: 200 countries – 200 years – 4 minutes

Visual information can be amazingly informative and interesting, especially when it comes to global economics. The other day we watched an incredible video from Hans Rosling as part of the ‘Joy of Stats’ BBC series.

It shows visually how 200 countries evolved in economic terms over the last 200 years. Interestingly the world is getting richer through globalization but there are still some gaps between regions Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

There are even some interesting differences between regions in the same country.

For people interested in global economics and how the world is changing, this is a must-see video. Another great job by the BBC.

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