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China’s Interactive Advertising Market, Ad-tech Beijing

Ad-Tech Beijing 2009

17th to 18th of November 2009

Figures recorded this year on 30th of June 2009 show that China had 338 million internet users or netizens. This far surpasses the U.S. as the country with the most internet users. This number will reach just short of 400 million by the end of 2009.

155 million netizens are accessing the Internet via their mobile phones. (Source: China Internet Network Information Center [CNNIC]). The CNNIC is China’s network information center.

Engage in the Chinese Marketplace

Ad-tech Beijing brings together brand advertisers, traditional and; interactive agencies, portals, online publishers and technology providers, offering an unrivalled opportunity to discover new practices and technologies, and to learn how many of the great names have utilized the net, built brand recognition and immersed themselves in digital technologies.

The two-day exhibition and the two-day ‘highly engaging’ conference will provide you with a mass of new knowledge and many new contacts.

The STAR Team

Did you know there is more than one Chinese dialect?

More Than One Chinese Dialect for Translation

There is more than one Chinese dialect

We are often asked for Mandarin translation. However the official spoken languages spoken in Taiwan (capital: Taipei) and the People’s Republic of China (Mainland China) is referred to as Mandarin Chinese.

The term Mandarin however only refers to standard spoken Chinese which is basically the same and mutually understandable in Taiwan and Mainland China. However there are different scripts used in different areas of Greater China.

Traditional Chinese is the script used in Taiwan and Hong Kong, whereas Mainland China and Singapore use Simplified Chinese.

How do I choose?

Should I choose Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese?

The table below will help you decide which language you require for your translation project. Depending on where you are doing business, the spoken and written form may be different.

Country Spoken Language Written Language
Mainland China Mandarin Simplified Chinese
Taiwan Mandarin Traditional Chinese
Hong Kong Cantonese Traditional Chinese
Singapore Mandarin Simplified Chinese

The STAR Team