STAR Interview with WDAR Radio

STAR Translation and WDAR radio and students
Damian being interviewed by Irish students at 96FM WDAR

WDAR Radio Interview, Irish Language

On Friday 30th of March, Damian Scattergood and Phil Guthrie from STAR Translation were interviewed by students with WDAR 96FM Radio.

They talked about Irish, translation and jobs in translation for the show Cá Bhfuil an Obair?. Lauren and Amy asked a number of interesting questions about working in the translation industry such as…

  • what jobs are available in translation?
  • what skills do translators need to have?
  • to what extent is Irish important to your business?
  • how do I learn about Irish for translators?
  • how do I get a job in a translation company like STAR?

We were very impressed by their confidence and the quality of the interview. Then we did our best to answer all of their questions both in Irish and English.

The radio program will be broadcast in the coming weeks as part of the programme, Cá Bhfuil an Obair?. We will let you know when it will be on air so you can listen to it.

Thanks to them for coming to STAR and we look forward to hearing the final version of the interview. Good Luck to Amy and Lauren!