Top 6 tips: Learn a new language

Learn a new language
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Learn a new language with these quick tips

Do you dream of learning Italian, French or another language? You’re really motivated but don’t know where to start. We’ve put together six tips to help you learn a new language.

Organize your time
Make sure you have time set aside to learn your new language. This could be after work, during lunchtime, holidays or at weekends. Establish a schedule for how long you need and reserve your free time. And stick to the plan!
Learn with others
It’s more motivating and friendly. Go and spend time in the country, have regular foreign correspondence with someone or even attend a class to meet new people so you can all learn together. It’s easier to communicate, exchange and learn and laugh at your mistakes.
Learn phrases for everyday life
Local expressions, idioms and phrases like “having craic” in Ireland can enrich your experience and language learning abilities. Talking like a local can make your experience more natural. Simple expressions for communication are very useful and are impregnated faster in our mind. Conversation guides exist, they are fun and simple but learn the basic before diving into complex imperatives, orders and asking for directions.
Focus on vocabulary in topics that you’re passionate about
If you are a sports fan, learn sports vocabulary; use your hobbies as a pretext — a springboard — it’s much easier!
Language and culture
Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and the language will follow. Watch movies in their original version, cook typical recipes, listen to music: it’s very good to learn grammar. Discover and learn, this is a very good way to immerse yourself into any language.
Be brave, dare to talk
Make a fool of yourself; speaking a language is one of the best way to improve it. Just keep talking, again and again. Don’t be afraid to look stupid and make mistakes because they’ll happen eventually. Learning from our mistakes is what helps us to improve. The more you talk the better you become.

Learning a new language? Share your methods with us.

The STAR Team