Report on Languages Spoken in the UK

The latest development of the Annual Schools Census, Schools and Families (DCSF) in England gives us important data about languages spoken in the Uk.

Annual Schools Census :England

The annual School Census carried out by the DCSF collects information form maintained Nursery, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Special Schools, Direct Grant Nurseries, City Technology Colleges, Academies, Non maintained Special Schools and Service Children’s Education establishments in England.
The 2008 data records some 240 different languages for almost 79% of pupils whose first language is other than English.

Languages Data (England)
The top fifteen languages spoken by pupils whose first language is other than English are reported as per the table.

-Language- -Number- – %* –
Panjabi 102,570 1.6
Urdu 85,250 1.3
Bengali 70,320 1.1
Guajarati 40,880 0.6
Somali 32,030 0.5
Polish 26,840 0.4
Arabic 25,800 0.4
Portuguese 16,560 0.3
Turkish 16,460 0.3
Tamil 15,460 0.2
French 15,310 0.2
Yoruba 13,920 0.2
Chinese 13,380 0.2
Spanish 10,000 0.2
Persian/Farsi 8,510 0.1

*Percentage of total maintained-school pupil population in Engalnd

Other UK regions: Scotland

-There are over 28,000 bilingual primary and secondary school children in Scotland.
-The top five home languages are: Panjabi, Urdu, Polish, Cantonese and Arabic.
-A total of 138 languages are spoken in school children in Scotland.

Other UK regions: Northern Ireland
-There are over 3,809 out of a total of 166,639 primary pupils and 1,714 out of 147,942 post primary pupils whose first language is not English and who have significant difficulties with the English language.

Other UK regions: Wales
-The 16% of pupils from maintained secondary schools in Wales were taught Welsh as a first language.

Future developments
We will welcome the outcome of a research project led by the Institute of Education on Population, Language, Ethnicity and Socio-Economic Aspects of Education.
This will provide us with very useful case studies on the relationship between language, ethnicity and social position.