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Blogging in Irish / Abair Leat website

Blogging in Irish with Abair Leat

Abair Leat! is the world’s first exclusive minority language messaging app.

It’s also the first social network in the world exclusively dedicated to a minority language.

The website promotes the Irish language only. Irish language professionals, the media and students can interact in Irish, therefore it gives the opportunity to practice your Irish in an informal way. This tool is very helpful to improve one’s language skills whatever your command of Irish.

The idea came from the teachers of the Irish College, Coláiste Lurgan in Galway, to help its students prepare for their Leaving Certificate examinations. They plan to reach over 5,000 users by the end of 2012. Plans are to include an integrated thesaurus and a smartphone app. It’s great to see new ideas like this, and we fully support the initiative.

Irish culture is important to us at STAR Translation. We like to promote the Irish language through our services by providing free Irish translation such as our Word of the Day series on YouTube, and by providing professional Irish language document translation.

The STAR Team

Updated: 25th of March 2016