joseph mcguire

In any business, learning to communicate effectively ensures better results. Research shows that at least? of the meaning of any given conversation is conveyed non-verbally. Face Reading has been used in China for several millennia as a tool for understanding personality, behaviour styles, work styles, stress patterns and much more. In recent times it has been used extensively by top U.S. companies such as Nike, CNN, Merrill Lynch, Mattel and others in areas such as HR, Recruitment, Team Building, and Sales training.
A key to success is to recognize how others need to be presented to, and our facial features provide a wealth of information. Some simple guidelines are:

  • Predominantly horizontal lines at the top of the forehead, eyebrows, lower eyelids, lips, and chin denote someone for whom logic and facts are paramount e.g. Warren Buffett
  • Sharply angled eyebrows and inner eye corners, prominent cheekbones, taut skin reveal a controlling personality e.g. Lance Armstrong, Steve Jobs
  • Curved eyebrows, round eyes, soft cheeks, and curved chin refer to someone for whom feeling and personal connection are hugely important e.g. Rosamund Hanson (Actress)

This is by definition a brief glimpse into a vast subject, but it will hopefully engage your curiosity about how to connect even more effectively with clients, colleagues and employers.

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