STAR wins the Innovationspreis award

Innovationspreis award ceremony, Switzerland

On 13th March, STAR and two other finalists accepted the innovation prize or Innovationspreis awarded by the Wirtschafts- und Industrievereinigung Schaffhausen (Schaffhausen association of business and industry).

GRIPS was singled out as a concept for the creation, management and publication of information in all languages and media, from one single data source.

Josef Zibung accepted the award on behalf of the GRIPS team. “This is a well-deserved accolade for the GRIPS team, represented by Stephan Finkler (Development) and Florian von Lepel (Information Engineering). Together with their colleagues they have managed to implement a concept which, thanks to innovation and sustainability, provides STAR customers with a guaranteed advantage over the competition,”said Zibung.

Zibung’s laudatory speech was read by Dr Erhard Meister.

Dr Meister highlighted the importance of innovation, particularly if a company is to be successful on the international stage.

The winning projects qualified from among 27 candidates. The jury judged the projects in terms of uniqueness, marketability and sustainability (environmental and corporate).

The STAR Team