New AdWords Location Targeting Feature

This week we noticed that Google has changed the AdWords location targeting features.

Some functions have been retired and a number of new ones have been added to improve the service.

Search suggestions
When you start to type a location term, Google will provide suggestions to help you quickly find your desired location.
Nearby locations
Nearby locations are locations that are nearby that you may also consider adding. Nearby locations can be added to or excluded from your campaigns.
Related locations
Related locations may be near the location that you’ve entered, have a similar name, or enclose a location that has a similar name. Related locations can be added to or excluded from your campaigns.
Enclosing locations
Enclosing locations are larger areas that contain the location that you’ve selected. You might consider adding this larger enclosing location if you want to reach a larger audience.

Google have provided a video introducing the new features to make it easy to implement them straight away.

The STAR Team

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