Positivity is infectious

Positivity is infectious, be positive

After attending The Docklands Business Forum social networking event last night for the first time, I can say that positivity is infectious. And yes, spot the new guy as I had arrived 20 minutes early!

The Dockland Business Forum is a group full of like-minded business people working together to promote a thriving business community across Dublin´s Docklands.

The guest speaker at the networking event was Bobby Kerr, Chairman of Insomnia Coffee. Kerr presented ‘Down to Business’, a Sunday business breakfast show on Newstalk and is a Dragon on RTÉ’s Dragons’ Den. Kerr exudes positivity and charm and he transferred this positivity to each and every one of us at the event.

His top ten tips for success included how to be positive (and surround yourself with positive people); have a plan and stick with it as it will get better; have a product or service that people want and will buy; and get a mentor.

But for me, his advice to “stick with it as it will get better” really stood out.

It is this type of positivity that reassures businesses to stick with it and face these hard times head on, which will eventually lead to better times. You don’t have to do it alone as communities like the Docklands Business Forum allow all us to share and promote positivity.

Successful business is all about community, people buy from people they like. Positive networking encourages more open business.

The Docklands Business Forum is always looking for new members. Join us at the next networking event.

Dominick Branigan, Business Development Executive

The STAR Team

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