Check your website ranking with Alexa

Check your website ranking with Alexa
Check your website ranking / Alexa: An Amazon Company

A common topic we often discuss with customers is their website ranking. They come to us saying they are not getting traffic and are not sure about translation as how will the know if the translated site will get traffic as well?

STAR can help you with your international web traffic, but let’s look at English websites for now as it’s the perfect starting point. SEO and web ranking is a bit of a black art, there is magic and there is some science involved. However, the average user can get some basic information themselves to gauge what’s going on. One such free system is Alexa.

Alexa is own and managed by Amazon, so you know they have a good reputation. It’s not 100% accurate; you have to take it with a pinch of salt.

Alexa tracks users who use their system (free toolbar etc.) to search the Internet. It’s a measure of site’s popularity compared to others.

The good side is that the system is consistent – you get consistent results from a portion of Internet users worldwide. It’s perfect for webmasters and SEO managers helping track whether traffic is improving or not. You should track this every month and see how you are doing.

It can take up to 90 days for some web changes to impact your SEO ranking.

Did you know it typically takes about 90 days for any major change to your website to appear on Google as well?

To use the system, visit Alexa’s site ranking page and enter your URL.

It will tell you roughly what keywords are being used to find your site; how many inbound links you have and your overall traffic ranking across the worldwide web.

Next time we’ll discuss multilingual SEO and how STAR can help you deliver your website in the right language to drive more traffic, and in turn, business to your site.