How can partners accelerate your business

This month we have a very interesting article from a company we work with, Tenego Partnering. Tenego Partnering drive sales for high growth technology companies in international markets through partnering.

Our guest blogger, Donagh Kiernan, CEO, discusses how partners can accelerate your business.

Can partners accelerate your business?

When you’re ready to accelerate your business growth, then accelerate through partnering.

A simple concept: If there are businesses operating in your target market, and these businesses have relationships with your target customers, who possess the right capabilities to assist you selling your products.

Then the fastest way to bring your product to the market is to identify those companies who have the right relationships and the right capabilities, to work with them and share the gain. In working with them, you need to understand how the partner sells.

You don’t just want access to their current customers but also you want to know that they are seeking to grow the customer base of your type of customer.

Also you don’t have to depend on one type of partner, you can have different partners bringing different capabilities, market sectors regions, or even directly competing partners in an ‘you eat what you kill’ arrangement.

Direct Sales delivers the full margin of the sale, but with the enormous cost of learning the market, building credibility and relationships to make sales happen, makes perfect sales sense.

Partnering is more cost effective and once you’ve learned what works for your business, you can scale much faster that direct sales. Get plugged into a ready-made sales force that already exists in the market and work with them to sell your products.

Do pick the right partners and work closely with them for early wins. sharing your knowledge of how to sell your product, and their knowledge and access to the market.

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Partners accelerate your business | STAR Translation

In this special post, our guest blogger Donagh Kiernan talks about how partners can accelerate your business. Donagh Kiernan is CEO of Tenego Partnering.