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Health and Safety law and practice, HSA

On Friday 15th October, Lord Young, the British Prime Minister’s Adviser on Health and Safety Law and Practice, published his highly-anticipated report Common Sense, Common Safety, which examines the impact of health and safety regulations on businesses and personal freedom.

The report puts forward a series of policies for improving the perception of health and safety to ensure it is taken seriously by employers and the general public. All of the recommendations made have been accepted by David Cameron and Lord Young will work across departments to ensure his recommendations are implemented.

One recommendation was to simplify the risk assessment procedure for low-hazard workplaces such as offices, classrooms and shops. EssentialSkillz commends Lord Young for his recommendations for reform in this area. In particular, as a provider of low-cost solutions for low-hazard workplaces for the past 10 years, they were pleased to hear him advocate the use of simple interactive online solutions for health and safety compliance for the future.

The HSA immediately published an interactive risk assessment tool on their website for low-hazard workplaces. HSA hazards assesment.

The tool will take you through the key areas of concern for low-Hazard Workplaces which are…

  • slips and trips
  • manual handling
  • working at height
  • well-being of workers
  • computers, laptops and similar equipment
  • fire
  • work equipment

Source: EssentialSkillz

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