Cloud Translation, cheap translation?

The big race is on to develop the winning cloud translation system but I sometimes debate whether this is a good game to play.

Firstly – You should be concerned around  where the data is stored. What legal Jurisdiction is it in?   If your product information sensitive? Are there countries that you might not want that information to be visible? or stored in? The US government have restrictions on certain industries and what countries they can do business with. Cloud translation makes this audit trail difficult.

If your product information is sensitive do you want it stored in a cloud? where you may not know what country the data centre is in? Translation servers can be anywhere, so always ask your cloud vendor where they are.

Secondly: Who has access to this data? Again this varies from vendor to vendor. Is the translation memory your property or theirs? If you change vendor are you lost?

Thirdly: Cloud means lots of people can work together which is great. however consider this – are the same team working on your projects? or just the next free translator? So does cloud computing deliver consistent results? Right now I think this is the biggest challenge for translation in the cloud.

Cloud translation is the next wave coming down, exciting but as with all new technology the early days will have a few speed bumps.