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Meet STAR this year


Meet STAR at several conferences taking place around the world.

MSC 2013: 7th – 11th, Brno, Czech Republic, International Machinery Trade Fair, STAR Czech S.R.O.

Exhibitions and presentation: Exhibition and presentations.


Tekom: 6th – 8th, Wiesbaden, Germany (annual conference), European information development Conference for technical communication.

STAR AG, STAR Deutschland GmbH, STAR Software, Translation, Artwork, Recording GmbH.

Exhibition and presentations: Tekom Deutschland” target=”_blank”>Tekom Deutschland

54rd Annual Conference of the American Translators Association

6th – 9th, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

ATA’s annual conference offers the world’s largest selection of educational opportunities specifically focused on translators.

STAR Group America, LCC.

Exhibition and presentations: Americn Translation Assocation.

The STAR Team

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