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Countries and Languages Quiz

Name the four countries whose flags are represented above. Try the Countries and Languages Quiz We want to know how much you know about languages and the countries that speak said languages. Above there are four countries. Can you name them and their respective languages? Comment to answer… The STAR Team

Medical Miscommunication

From Poor Handwriting to Google Translate, Medical Miscommunication Doctors’ handwriting had always been considered a menace around medical wards and general practices until recently a new one surfaced: Google Translate. Anyone who has ever resorted to using Google’s alternative machine translation tool, even for non-medical reasons, knows what confusion it can cause.And yet this hasn’t […]

The Migratory Language Welsh

Migratory Language Welsh lands in Argentina Over 150 years ago,  some 150 Welsh migrants took to the seas seeking a new way of life in the new world. They gave themselves three places to choose from as their new home: Vancouver Island, Palestine or Argentina. Ultimately they chose Argentina to settle and establish a new […]

Transit NXT Supports Adobe FrameMaker 12

Transit NXT Supports Adobe Framemaker 12, CAT You can now translate Adobe FrameMaker 12 files in Transit NXT! For data exchange with Transit, the enhanced FMGate plug-in is available. The plug-in additionally supports FrameMaker 12. Furthermore, the support for FrameMaker 7 to 11 has been enhanced. The plug-in can be found on our STAR Group […]

Traditional Italian Recipe: Spaghetti alla Carbonara

As an international translation company we have many different people and nationalities working for us. Serena, one of our Italian project managers, was asked the other day about Spaghetti alla Carbonara — the Italian way! Often recipes are different around the world, even though they have the same name. So Serena took the time to […]

Translation Support for InDesign CC 2014

Now with Translation Support for InDesign CC You can now translate Adobe InDesign CC 2014 files in TransitNXT! For data exchange with Transit, there are new InDesign Gate plug-ins available for InDesign CC 2014 (Mac and Windows). Furthermore, you can now download and install enhanced InDesign Gate plug-ins for InDesign CS 2 to CS 6 […]

Black Friday, Explained

Just what is Black Friday? To understand it, we need to look at the American national holiday of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday of November and marks the beginning of the holiday season in the U.S. First Coined The term “Black Friday” was first coined in Philadelphia by the State Police Department […]

Sales Executive Jobs in Dublin, You’re Hired!

Sales Executives Jobs in Dublin, We are Hiring We’re looking for hard-working, competitive and self-motivated individuals who have some sales experience already and are interested in selling translation services. We’re based in Dublin, Ireland. We help companies do more business worldwide by providing the translation services they need for their brochures, documents and websites. This […]