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Just a Tittle

Just a tittle Just a Tittle Bit For every jot and tittle in life, there’s an app! Tittle: I really like the sound of this word although I don’t remember the last time I used it. It’s fallen into an abyss where words go because they sound a tad dated. Perhaps the younger generation has […]

Guess that language

Have you ever found yourself trying to read a piece of text to figure out what language it is? I do this quite a lot when browsing online and when I come across unidentified words: those that aren’t English or Portuguese (the ones I know!). Or, if I’m travelling, I try to read some words […]

Gaeltacht sees Irish in decline

Irish in Decline, Gaeltacht Irish is in swift decline and may become a secondary language in the Gaeltacht communities, a report states. It was filed in a report on the 29th of May, that Irish will no longer be the primary language of any Gaeltacht community in ten years from now. Commissioned by the State […]

The Make or Do Quiz

Take the Make or Do Quiz When it comes to learning English, the infinitive verbs to do and to make follow a set of rules similar to each other. Let’s explore the definitions of do and make, and their subsequent collocations… Then, take the quiz! DO The rules are a little obscure and not so […]

New Google Search Console Announced

Google Search Console, Farewell Webmasters Tools Google’s Webmasters Tools has been providing webmasters with useful features to help them make their websites more findable and useful for almost ten years. But Google wants to rebrand and rename Webmasters Tools: Introducing the new Search Console! Why? Since change is always a good thing, well, most of […]

SURE Thing: Start-up Refunds for Entrepreneurs

Start-up Refunds for Entrepreneurs, Ireland Are you thinking of starting a new company? Then you could be due a tax refund under SURE: Start-up Refunds for Entrepreneurs. SURE is a tax refund scheme, and is a joint initiative of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and Revenue. If you’re starting your own business, you […]

Language Lovers Nominations 2015

Language Lovers Nominations 2015, STAR on Twitter It’s time to vote for your favourite language lovers nominations of 2015. The guys at Lexiophiles, powered by bab.la have nominated our Twitter account under the category of Language Twitter account: tweeters who share content about languages. We’re thrilled to be nominated this year but we need your […]

Irish Exports Hit Record High

According to Enterprise Ireland, exports by Irish-owned companies increased by 10% since last year; a record high value of €18.6 billion. Goods to the UK valued at €6.8 billion while exports to the USA and Canada totalled €2.3 billion in worth: that’s up 16%. All exports to Latin America saw the biggest gain: up 42%, […]