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How many websites are there in the world?

As a global company we’re always seeking to understand our customers and their markets. We recently had a discussion around – how many websites are there in the world? After some research the data is readily available from Verisign who keep a record of such data. As of 6 April 2017 there are 128,307,680 .COM […]

New Meeting Room in STAR Dublin

Thanks to Mark and all the team in IKEA, Ballymun for helping us get our new meeting room setup and ready to go. It was a pleasure doing business with you all. Thanks for the advice and speedy delivery. We’re all delighted with the results. We meet here every morning now for our daily huddles […]

Best Translation Services Award by EuropeanCEO

STAR Group is delighted to announce that we have been awarded Best Company in the Translation & Localization Services Industry by EuropeanCEO. Josef Zibung STAR Group CEO recently discussed his unique management style with EuropeanCEO used to guide the global company. Companies rarely take lessons from 18th century philosophers, but STAR Group’s approach shows the […]

Brexit: Export implications and sales ideas

Brexit – can we predict the future? Brexit and your business The shocking news of Britain’s vote to leave the EU has far reaching impacts on companies around the globe. Just how will it impact your business? The immediate impact for companies operating in the Eurozone is one of currency exchange rates changing. Today we’re […]

Jobs in Translation, We’re Hiring

We’re hiring at our Dublin office As our global customers grow, we are expanding our team in Dublin. We’re hiring for the following jobs: Sales Jobs – Business Development – Translation Services Sales Jobs – Software Sales – Translation Technology Sales Freelance Translators (English to German : Technical Translation) Freelance Translators (English to German : […]

Meet us at LocWorld31 in Dublin

STAR Translation Team – looking forward to LocWorld31 STAR to attend Localization World 2016 We’re looking forward to #LocWorld31 already! If you’re coming to the Dublin conference this year then be sure to plan and visit us at booth #37 where we will be talking about all things translation. Learn about STAR’s global services, and […]

Goodbye Web Summit, Hello Lisbon

Goodbye Web Summit As we say Goodbye to the Dublin Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave and the debates about the Irish Government, Wi-Fi and customer service, what’s next for Irish digital and our webpreneurs? Am I sad to see the Web Summit go to Lisbon? Partly yes and partly no. Governments shouldn’t bow to big business, […]

3 Killer Tips for Great Sales Copy

The average time spent reading an online article is 15 seconds. If you don’t get my attention in this time, I’m gone. Get to the point! Today, most people just don’t have the time to read lots of boring marketing text. Customers skim your text and pick out the important bits. Fact: 1/4 of US […]

Magic E: Silent but Useful

English spelling rule: The Magic E. Better English: The Magic E We’re continuing our Better English blog with the Magic E. Also known as a silent E. This important and popular vowel can change the sound of other vowels, thus lengthening the sound of a word. Rule of Thumb If a word ends with a […]