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Organising reference material | Transit Training

Storing language pairs as reference material Transit helps you to store the language pairs of a finished project as reference material in a structured way. You can specify how the language pairs should be copied to the selected reference folder and simply resolve any naming conflicts. How do I store the language pairs of a […]

Using Machine Translation with STAR Transit

Machine Translation and Transit NXT The latest version of STAR Transit integrates with a number of Machine Translation Systems. Here’s how to make your translation faster. 1. Overview Machine Translation (MT) systems can be used when working with Transit. Concerning MT support, Transit strictly distinguishes between the following systems:  Customer-specific MT systems In Transit, customer-specific, […]

Hyppytyynytyydytys | A Finnish word with no vowels

Hyppytyynytyydytys is a strange Finnish word that doesn’t have a direct translation in English. It means “Bouncy Cushion Satisfaction”. You know the feeling when you settle down on a cushion and just have that “aaaah” relaxing moment. At STAR we love language and how we communicate worldwide. What we found interesting about this word is […]

What nationality are people from Hong-Kong?

If there is a problem that we don’t expect in another country, it’s the name of a population. However in Hong Kong things get a little complex. People who originate from or live in Hong Kong can fall under Chinese, Cantonese or even Hong Kongers. Now the main problem for us is to know which […]