John Deere selects STAR Group

STAR Group, a service provider for the entire life cycle of technical information, has been selected by John Deere, an agricultural equipment manufacturer and equipment finance company, as provider of translation services for the company’s product documentation worldwide.

STAR Group, E-mail:, Web:

A million words of English!

english language

The Global Language Monitor recently reported that the English language will soon have its 1 millionth word.

We currently stand at 999,544 words in the language just 456 words short of the magic number (A million words of English).

To watch the countdown visit:

It is an interesting fact that you only need about 150 words in any language to communicate. The English language has grown consistently over the last number of years impacted from a number of areas. New technology brings new word, phrases and concepts. Slang and everyday words on the street again raise themselves to the common language.

The Urban dictionary keeps an eye on the slang and has released recently new words such as “Gank” which means to steal. “I ganked the cash to get the new shoes.” For example.

With so many new words in the language it is no wonder communication issues can arise.

We’ll leave you on a final point to ponder from Peter Drucker the famous business guru.
“Its not what is being said – but what is not being said, that is most important”

STAR Translation Services: Helping you communicate in a global environment.

Case of Mistaken Identity | Polish Driver Lost in Translation

Case of the Mistaken Driver, Prawo Jazdy

In a classic case of mistaken identity, the case of the famous Polish Driver Prawo Jazdy has been solved; the true identity of the driver has been given.

Over the last few years, the named Polish driver had been stopped and issued with several driving offences. However each time he gave a different address. Recorded in 2007 the driver had more than 50 driving offences and the Gardai were keen to catch up with him.

The Garda Pulse system was working overtime trying to identify him.

The case was solved when a member of the garda traffic division checked the name in the Polish-English dictionary.

Prawo Jazdy is actually the Polish for driving licence and not the driver’s name.

The error occurred as this appears at the top of all Polish drivers’ licences and would appear to someone (who does not speak the language) that it is the driver’s name. It is only under this title that the text for first and last names are displayed.

A Garda source has reported that steps have been taken in the case and the issue has since been resolved.

The STAR Team

Immigrants Join Political Jousting, Upcoming Elections

Political Jousting in General Election 2009

With the June Elections drawing nearer, political parties are showing more interest than ever in harnessing immigrants’ potential, as both candidates and voters.

The Four main parties: Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour and the Greens have selected candidates to stand. Together they have selected some 16 immigrants to stand.

The battle for a share of foreign nationals’ votes is being fought with the aid of Polish websites, multilingual leaflets and full-time migrant organizers.

In Mulhuddart, north Dublin, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have each selected a Nigerian candidate. Adeola Ogunsina is a petrol station manager in Mulhuddart and joined Fine Gael four years ago. He was drawn to the Fine Gael based on the party’s support of enterprise and small businesses.

Another candidate is and fellow rival from Fianna Fáil is Idowu Sulyman Olafimihan, who lives in nearby Clonee and runs his own security company.

Other candidates include Elena Secas of Labour, Anna Banko of Fianna Fáil and Tendai Madondo of the Green Party.

The STAR Team

International Radio-telephony spelling alphabet

International Radio-telephony Spelling Alphabet

International Radio-telephony spelling alphabet
The international radio-telephony spelling alphabet developed by the ICAO

The International Radio-telephony Spelling Alphabet, listed

Below is a useful list of letter-related words for communicating a complex code, name or string over the phone. The standard is officially used internationally by radio operators and communicators.

  1. Alpha
  2. Bravo
  3. Charlie
  4. Delta
  5. Echo
  6. Foxtrot
  7. Golf
  8. Hotel
  9. India
  10. Juliet
  11. Kilo
  12. Lima
  13. Mike
  14. November
  15. Oscar
  16. Papa
  17. Quebec
  18. Romeo
  19. Sierra
  20. Tango
  21. Uniform
  22. Victor
  23. Whiskey
  24. X-Ray
  25. Yankee
  26. Zulu


  1. Zero
  2. One
  3. Two
  4. Three
  5. Four
  6. Five
  7. Six
  8. Seven
  9. Eight
  10.  Niner

The STAR Team

Transit and TermStar XV Service Pack 24 Released

Service Pack 24 Released, Transit XV and TermStar XV

We would like to announce that Service Pack 24 is now available for download on our ftp-server and on our Website.

Detailed information on new features and improvements implemented with this Service Pack can be found in the readmetr.htm and readmets.htm
Apart from bug fixes Service Pack 24 contains the following new features (for more details please refer to the Transit readme file):

New features

  • Transit NXT Project Support

With Service Pack 24, receiving, processing, and sending of Transit NXT projects will be enabled. Additionally, a NXT-XV conversion add-on has to be installed.

The add-on is available on the Transit NXT installation CD.

  • TermStar filter functionality enhancement
  • TermStar import enhancement

For more information on the enhancements, please refer to the readmetr.htm file

Important Information

The update for TermStar is integrated in trsp24.exe which you can find in the Transit directory. An additional installation of the updates of the TermStar directory is not necessary.

In Service Pack 24 all changes and improvements of the previous Service Packs are integrated.

Please proceed as follows for the installation of the Service Pack 24:

Download the files trsp24.exe and installation_sp.pdf. Installation instructions are included in the pdf file. Detailed information on the improvements can be found in the files readmetr.htm and readmets.htm.

Please proceed as follows for the installation of the help file…

  1. Install Service Pack 24 and then the help file
  2. For installation instructions please refer to the file installation_help.pdf

The aforementioned files can be downloaded from the following… Transit Service Packs XV.

The STAR Team

Browsershots, Check how you look in 85 different ways

Browsershots Web design checker, responsive and cross-compatible Web design

Browsershots Web Design Checker

Browsershots is a new, free open-source online service created by Johann C. Rocholl.

It takes screenshots of your website in different browsers, so you can see exactly how your customers see your new website. It’s also called cross-browser compatibility — perfect for checking your latest designs across all popular browsers.

Visit Browsershots and try it out.

The STAR Team

Lost in translation: Welsh sign translation error

Welsh sign translation error, Swansea council

In November, Swansea council made the ultimate translation faux pas with a Welsh sign.

The original sign read, “No Entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential site only“. The sign was to be erected close to a supermarket near a residential area.

The text was sent for translation but unfortunately, the translator was not in the office. Instead his email sent an automated response.

The automated email stated:

Nid wyf un y swyddfa ar hyn o bryd. Anfonwch unrhyw wiath i’w gyfieithu.“, which in English translates to “I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated.

As the original message contained two sentences, the receiver assumed this was the correct translation. Thus forwarding the translation to the sign makers to be printed. The sign was printed and duly erected.

Swansea council stated that the sign would be corrected as soon as possible – a new sign now stands in its place.

The moral of the story is always proofread before you print.

“People rely on email all too often for basic communication on projects. When a translation is only two lines, people tend to treat it with indifference”, Damian Scattergood commented. “We have found that some people translate two lines like the safety warning stickers you see on kitchen appliances, signs and posters. The use of free translation tools and expecting the results to be perfect do not mix.”

“For us, every translation whether it’s two or two million words should to be handled with the same due care and attention. A simple phone call in this case would have saved money and embarrassment for all”, added Damian.

Damian Scattergood is the Managing Director or STAR Translation.

The STAR Team

Next Level of Translation Memory, Transit NXT

Welcome to Transit NXT

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the release of Transit NXT — the next generation of STAR’s translation memory app.

STAR is a leading supplier of language technology with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Sustainable ideas, enthusiastic users and the continuous development of the tools are the most important reasons why Transit, TermStar and WebTerm have enjoyed lasting success in the market.

In parallel to the enhancements of the current version Transit XV, the product managers have had intensive collaboration with the development team and many power users regarding which new functions and innovations would be needed in the field of translation and localization. The ideas and concepts, as well as the performance, have been tested with numerous prototypes and the new version has matured via the help of our internal professional users.

At the tekom conference last autumn, the public was given the first preview of the new look and feel. The internal and external user groups have contributed to the further enhancement and optimization of the product with their feedback and demanding questions. During the past eight months, Transit NXT has been tested in production work both inside and outside the STAR Group. The tests focused on compatibility between the current Transit generation and the next generation due to Transit’s new functions, interface and role-based model. The new localization features (resource editor), the new mark-up-strategy (automation) and the target language fuzzy matching have all had to prove their usefulness and usability.

20 years of know-how with a new look and feel, an appealing and user-friendly interface and even more powerful new functions combine to define the concept Transit NXT. The well-balanced combination of proven ideas and principles, innovation and focus on the needs of the users has been the desired end result. It’s a mature product that satisfies the most stringent demands. The software is now available in the UK and Ireland.

New Features

DLL & EXE Editors

You now have the ability to edit and translate DLLs and EXEs.

Bubble Windows

Bubble windows, providing a dynamic representation of fuzzy matches, allow you to make even more efficient use of the Transit editor.

Fuzzy Term

Transit’s tried-and-tested ‘Fuzzy logic’ is now also available in TermStar NXT. Fuzzy search in TermStar NXT not only finds items which precisely correspond to your search term, but also all similar entries contained in the dictionary.

Dual Fuzzy

Your reference material now has even more value. Dual Fuzzy logic in Transit NXT not only takes account of the source text when searching for translation suggestions, it now also looks at the target text.

Synch View

Using the PDF viewer for FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, InDesign and PowerPoint, the translator, reviewer or terminologist can display the fully structured source text in synchronisation with the language pair.

Advance to the NXT level of translation technology

The STAR Team

Localization Certification Program: USA and Germany

Enrollment is now open, Localization Certification Program

The fourth annual Localization Certification Program and Localization Project Management Certification will be offered in San Francisco and Cologne in 2009.

The program was developed to answer a need for trained localization professionals. It has evolved to include project management certification, recognizing that organizational structure and discipline are necessary skills in any localization project. More than 300 professionals have now received localization certification through the program.

Localization Certification Program

From 23rd to 25th March 2009: hosted by San Francisco State University downtown campus, San Francisco, USA.

From 11th to 13th May 2009: hosted by Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Köln), Cologne, Germany.

Localization Project Management

From 26th to 27th March 2009: hosted by San Francisco State University downtown campus, San Francisco, USA.

From 14rd to 15rd May 2009: hosted by Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Köln), Cologne, Germany.

To enrol or learn more, please visit the California State University, Chico’s website.

The STAR Team