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Translation Workflow Automation

A faster, more productive translation process.

Controlled Corporate Process Management (CPM) enables you to automate your process workflows, making your organization scalable and more reliable. Preparing quotes, translation kits, checking translator availability and sending invoices is a tough job for any project manager working on multiple projects. The STAR CPM Platform makes life easier by controlling those tasks, making you more productive and profitable.

Controlled Process Management

The STAR CPM Platform: Controlled Workflow for industry applications.

Standardised processes are of fundamental importance for the long-term economic success of a company. Clear definitions and delimitations in the assignment of tasks and quality controls ensure maximum efficiency.
Project managers need to focus on what they do best - managing the difficult project tasks. The standard work processes should be automated for them. Each step should naturally lead to the next. This makes your project management team more effective.

Controlled Workflow means you have detailed and traceable reporting for all aspects of your business. Your available resources are used to their full potential.

Why Automated Workflow?
Traditionally, automating your translation process and workflow delivers benefits of increased scalability and cost effectiveness. However, you also gain the benefit of a consistent process. This delivers quality improvements and also peace of mind as you know that you can repeat a translation project in the future. When you update a product in six months' time, will you remember all the steps involved? An automated translation process ensures you can.

The STAR CPM Platform automates the many steps in your translation process that it makes sense to automate. Each phase in your process is delivered as a service, which makes the system easy to maintain and expand. It will deliver the immediate benefits to you today and also grow with your enterprise. Manual steps can be implemented as required to match special user requirements. This delivers the flexibility to optimise process for maximum results.

Key Benefits of the STAR CPM Platform are:
  • Your productivity and scalability are increased through use of automated workflow.
  • Project management is made easier thanks to automated management and reporting.
  • Cost is reduced as a result of better file handling and automated delivery.
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