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Japanese Translation Services

English to Japanese Translation Services for Documents and Websites.

With close to 50 people working in our office in Tokyo, Japan, STAR's professional translation team help you deliver quality product to the Japanese marketplace.

Tokyo Based, Native English to Japanese Translators

english to japanese translation Konnichiwa. Japan is renowned for its leading edge technology and demanding quality standards.

Thats why STAR has our own office in Tokyo working for our clients. We believe in being close to our customers and their markets. We deliver some of the highest quality Japanese translation services to our clients. Some of our clients include Honda, BMW and Bosch.

Employing native Japanese translators with specialist translation expertise we can deliver a complete solution to you for all your multilingual requirements.

We provide translation services, desktop publishing and even video voice over services in Japanese.

STAR makes the most complex of Japanese translation jobs easier for you.
See STAR's Quality Process.

Japanese Desktop Publishing (DTP)

File Formats: STAR can work in  virtually any file format. We can translate your files and deliver print ready PDF's if required.

Our teams are experts in :

  • QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, HTML, XML, AutoCad DX, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, paper and fax translations.

Automotive and Technical Expertise

Working with clients such as BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Mowag and Tag Heuer for over 20 years, STAR has extensive experience in the automotive and technical engineering sectors. Our translation team expertise delivers the best technical translations for your projects. This is a key factor in delivering quality services to your customers. Read more about our technical translation for the Automotive Industry and Engineering Sectors.

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Useful links for clients

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Ireland/Japan Chamber of Commerce:

American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Japanese Embassy in USA.

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