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9 Irish Language Translations, so bad they’re good

9 Hilarious Irish Language Translations The Irish language is beautiful, but it also finds itself playing catch up with the modern world. So much so that it becomes blatantly obvious with some of these Irish language translations. We found nine particularly unimaginative translations making their rounds on the Internet. These are too good to miss. […]

Web Addresses showing Fadas to Become Reality

Ireland’s Domain Registry / IEDR website Irish Registry Domain to make Web Addresses showing Fadas a reality Organizations and businesses in Ireland will very soon be able to register Irish Web addresses with fadas. This will change will enable Irish businesses using the .ie domain to also include any fadas contained in their names. Effectively, […]

10 Oldest Languages Still Spoken Today

Mount Elbrus, Europe’s highest mountain in the Caucasus region between Europe and Asia. A region known for its linguistic diversity / Wikipedia 10 Oldest Languages in Use Today It is almost impossible to judge how old one language is from another. The evolution of language is virtually similar to biological evolution; like evolution, changes to […]

World’s Largest Named Number

World’s Largest Named Number: Googol Sometime in the 1930s, an American mathematician, Edward Kasner, was walking his nephews along the New Jersey Palisades when he asked them to help him name a particularly long number in an effort to pique their interest in mathematics. One nephew, nine-year-old Milton suggested “googol”. But it wasn’t until 1940 […]

Conor McGregor UFC Win, Lost in Translation

Conor McGregor UFC Win Immediately after being knocked out within 13 seconds of the UFC 194’s main event, José Aldo’s comments post-fight were met with booing from the packed MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas. Being a Brazilian national, an interpreter was brought in to translate Aldo’s remarks on the fight. The former champion was […]

Typo States Resignation of China President

Inadvertent Typo States Resignation, Xi Jinping The China News Service recently published an article about their president, Xi Jinping, saying that in his “resignation” that China and Africa had a shared destiny in their histories. Xi Jinping was attending a China-Africa summit in Johannesburg, South Africa when the report was released. The typo led to […]

Vote for STAR Christmas Mascot

Vote for your favourite Christmas Character / STAR Translation Imaging STAR Christmas Mascot 2015 Which STAR Christmas Character is your favourite? Fox, Snowman, Santa Claus, Seal, Robin, Panda, Mouse, Gingerbread Man, Reindeer, Penguin or Hedgehog. Cast your vote by clicking LIKE on your favourite one! There are eleven of these super cute characters. Which one […]

Robot Teachers, Language Tutors

Children Learn Languages with Robot Teachers Across Europe, robots are helping young immigrant children learn new language skills necessary for social integration and education. It is tough for anyone to cope with moving to a new country and different culture, which is one of the reasons a team of robotics engineers decided to test out […]

Boost Holiday Sales with Keyword Translation

Maximize Sales this Christmas with Keyword Translation Translate your Google AdWords campaigns Capturing leads and getting those much needed conversions can be a difficult process. Your AdWords campaigns are generating conversions, but are you reaching enough potential customers? If you take your top performing ads and translate them, this will give your marketing campaigns a […]