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Transit and TermStar Version XV

Updates to Transit and TermSTAR version XV Service Pack 22 We would like to announce that Service Pack 22 is now available for download .Detailed information on new features and improvements implemented with this Service Pack can be found in the readmetr.txt and readmets.txt Apart from bug fixes Service Pack 22 contains the following new features […]

Growth Potential In Irish Exports to Japan

Exports to Japan from Ireland could deliver upto 12% of global revenue for Irish exporting firms according to Frank Ryan, Chief exectutive of Enterprise Ireland. There are currently 35 Irish companies with a presence in Japan and with a market of 127 million people. Irish exports to Japan where just 2.3 % of total exports […]

Best way to translate a website

Best practice tips to translate a website / STAR Translation Imaging How to translate a website Website translation is always a tough area for marketing departments. We are regularly asked what the best process is for website translation. If you maintain an English site with a large number of pages and content that continually changes, […]

New Irish account for 17% of workforce

New Irish only 17% of workforce Ireland is a very fast and changing place to do business. According to statistics published by the Chambers of Ireland’s Labour Force survey (2007), 17% of the new Irish workforce is accounted for by foreign workers. This is much higher than the most recent Central Statistics Office (CSO) figure […]