China flag, typo states resignation of China president Xi Jinping

Typo States Resignation of China President

China flag, typo states resignation of China president Xi Jinping

Inadvertent Typo States Resignation, Xi Jinping

The China News Service recently published an article about their president, Xi Jinping, saying that in his “resignation” that China and Africa had a shared destiny in their histories.

Xi Jinping was attending a China-Africa summit in Johannesburg, South Africa when the report was released. The typo led to the suspension of four journalists: one of whom is the news agency’s bureau chief in South Africa.

The editors of China News Service, which is state-owned, had mixed up the Mandarin words for speech (zhi ci) with resignation (ci zhi).

The mistake went unnoticed even before subsequently being printed. It was corrected by several other news channels online, but the edition was already in circulation. The typo ended up in other news stories before China News Service corrected the error.

Despite the suspension of the four journalists involved, it has been reported that although it was a “serious blunder”, it will not end their careers. However, the severity of their punishment is not yet clear.

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Source: The Guardian

Vote Now, STAR Christmas Mascot

Vote for STAR Christmas Mascot

Vote Now, STAR Christmas Mascot

Vote for your favourite Christmas Character / STAR Translation Imaging

STAR Christmas Mascot 2015

Which STAR Christmas Character is your favourite? Fox, Snowman, Santa Claus, Seal, Robin, Panda, Mouse, Gingerbread Man, Reindeer, Penguin or Hedgehog.

Cast your vote by clicking LIKE on your favourite one! There are eleven of these super cute characters. Which one should be our Christmas mascot for 2015?

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Robot Teachers, Language Tutors

Robot Teachers, Language Tutors

Robot Teachers, Language Tutors

Children Learn Languages with Robot Teachers

Across Europe, robots are helping young immigrant children learn new language skills necessary for social integration and education. It is tough for anyone to cope with moving to a new country and different culture, which is one of the reasons a team of robotics engineers decided to test out their robot teachers.

The youngsters are learning new language skills to help them enter the school system. Only four cities are taking part in the trial phase: Tilburg and Utrecht in the Netherlands; Bielefeld in Germany; Istanbul in Turkey. Lead by a consortium of roboticists and linguists from universities across Europe, the project is called L2TOR while a French company called Aldebaran Robotics build the new teachers.

A robot called NAO watches over the children and aids them in the lessons while the work on a tablet. Before each lesson begins, NAO explains to the kids what they will learn and then assists each child if they become struck by observing their body language.

“We want to help these children improve their language skills through one-to-one interaction with a robot, to help them catch up,” — Paul Vogt (L2TOR), Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

Other studies have shown that children learn best in a one-on-one environment rather than a classroom setting. But doing this with human teachers is highly prohibitive due to costs. The L2TOR project will not replace teachers rather, they will give each child a tangible three-dimensional presence to learn more effectively along a human teacher.

Infinite Patience

The NAO robots can repeat lessons over and over and take their time with each child; human teachers can become impatient and get bored. These psychological factors that affect humans cannot affect the robots.

“Sometimes the human teacher can get bored or angry by repeating things again and again,” — Amit Kumar Pandey, head of research and development at Aldebaran Robotics

But it’s not just the children that learn. On the tablets is a software system, CoWriter which helps children practice their writing skills. The robot can write on the tablet too, but if the robot makes a mistake the child can step in and teach the robot where it went wrong.

Is this the future of learning at school? Let us know what you think.

Source: New Scientist

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Web Designer and Blogger
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Search Engine Optimization, keyword translation

Boost Holiday Sales with Keyword Translation

Search Engine Optimization, keyword translation

Maximize Sales this Christmas with Keyword Translation

Translate your Google AdWords campaigns

Capturing leads and getting those much needed conversions can be a difficult process. Your AdWords campaigns are generating conversions, but are you reaching enough potential customers?

If you take your top performing ads and translate them, this will give your marketing campaigns a wider, international audience. Speaking to new customers in their language is the best way to bridge the gap. All you need now is to convert them to sales.

Start Translating

Before we begin translating the entire ad campaigns, we take your current keywords, translate them and search volume data and trends with the target country. This helps us to see if the selected keywords are appropriate and if they are popular*.

Once we have built up a list of effective keywords, we translate your campaigns’ ad headlines and descriptions. We also translate ad extensions such as call, callout, and sitelink extensions.

What You Have To Do

We ask our customers for a number of things to kick-off the project. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Export the keywords you wish to translate
    • Click on the campaign, then click on Keywords tab and finally click on the Download report button
  2. Download as an Excel .csv file
  3. Repeat the above steps for Ads and Ad extensions

AdWords Download report button

  1. Tell us which language you want and the target country
  2. You can also include negative keywords in your report
    • Negative keywords make sure your ads do not show in unrelated search results
  3. Contact our sales team and upload your CSV file for translation
    • Talk to a member of our professional sales team to get a free quote today!

*Based on average monthly searches

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Web Summit 2016

Goodbye Web Summit, Hello Lisbon

Web Summit 2016

Goodbye Web Summit

As we say Goodbye to the Dublin Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave and the debates about the Irish Government, Wi-Fi and customer service, what’s next for Irish digital and our webpreneurs?

Am I sad to see the Web Summit go to Lisbon? Partly yes and partly no. Governments shouldn’t bow to big business, but they do need to listen – and be professional. At the end of the day – the Web is international, so it should not matter where in the world it is. As long as you have good Wi-Fi!

Hello Lisbon

Lisbon will bring many new things to the Web Summit. Firstly, it will bring us closer to Europe. It will be interesting to see if the new location brings language challenges to the teams or entrepreneurs and the Web Summit team. The summit has always been international. But now that it’s based in Lisbon, will it attract more European visitors?

What will be the default language of the show — English or Portuguese?

Will the #WebSummit ever be the same again?

Need Translation?

So Paddy and the team, if you need Portuguese translation or any language for that matter, give me a call here at STAR Translation Dublin. With offices in 44 countries, we will help you deliver in every language.

Exhibiting in Lisbon?

If you’re bringing your company to Web Summit in Lisbon, think about translating some of your marketing material, even a one-page flyer.  You will be closer to Europe, so put your best image forward with professional translation. Speak to your customers in their language.

At STAR, we help drive international sales for our customers and make the world a smaller, friendlier place to do business.

Get Ready Now:

Start planning for Web Summit 2016

The next chapter of Web Summit will take place in Lisbon in 2016. We can help translate that chapter for your success.

Here is some great resources we have for you:

Let STAR translation help you start your journey. Give us a call to discuss your plans.

Damian Scattergood
Managing Director
STAR Translation Services Dublin

+353 1 836 5614

+44 (0) 2036 427 459

+1 646-741-8567

Is bland marketing losing you sales?

3 Killer Tips for Great Sales Copy

Is bland marketing losing you sales?

The average time spent reading an online article is 15 seconds.

If you don’t get my attention in this time, I’m gone. Get to the point!

Today, most people just don’t have the time to read lots of boring marketing text. Customers skim your text and pick out the important bits.

Fact: 1/4 of US adults did not read a book in 2014 according to Pew Research. We are becoming lighter, faster readers.

Best Practice for Writing Marketing Material

  • Keep your English simple
    Text should be easy to understand. Use less words and short sentences. Say it in 2 short sentences instead of 1 long one. Customers don’t have time to work out what your talking about in complex sentences. If a sentence spreads over 2 lines – it’s too long.
  • What do you want to say?
    Think about the message you want to give your customers. Write it simply. Do you deliver “best in class automotive support services” or do you “Keep your fleet on the road”. Avoid bland marketing copy
  • Why should I care?
    Ask yourself – why should anyone care about what you say. If you can’t answer this – don’t write it
    We’ve delivered a million products last year -what would the customer think?. The customer might only want 1. How about “We delivered a million products last year – every one on time. Need one in a hurry – call us now”
  • Write for people first
    Remember a “normal” person is reading your material in most cases. If you use lots of jargon – people won’t understand what you do. I see sites doing this every day; – I just can’t work out what some companies actually do or are trying to sell me. Result – Click – No sale.
  • What do you want me to do?
    All too often you read text ask “what was the point of that?”
    If you want the customer to do something make sure you have a clear call to action at the end of your copy. Tell them what you want them to do next. Call us; Email Us; Phone Us; Get a Quote; Be Specific.
  • Do a little research
    Have a look at a few websites you love using. Why do you like them? How do they write? What do they ask you for? Why do you find their site easy to use? What are they doing that you could do to?

3 Killer Tips for Great Sales Copy

  1. Get to the point quickly: (15-second rule)
  2. Keep it simple: (short, snappy sentences)
  3. Have a clear call-to-action: (CTA — What do you want me to do?)

If your copy meets this guide you’re on the road to success.

Why is this important?

If you can’t get your customers attention and keep it you will lose them.
Bad English or Bad Cheap Translation turns customers away from you. Speak to them professionally and clearly in their language.

Can STAR Help?

We’re really passionate about communication and language. We have offices in 44 countries so communicate in many languages including English. We help you communicate effectively in any language.

7% of STAR offices speak English by default. That means 93% speak other languages. We translate and work with hundreds of clients around the world every day. They have deadlines to meet and customers to satisfy. That means we have to deliver efficiently every day. Our own teams know how to communicate accurately, quickly and effectively. It helps us and our customers. And we do it in multiple languages.

So how can we help you?

If you need translation, proofreading or design services – talk to us.

A 5-minute conversation will tell you if we can boost your sales.

Call us on +353 (0)1 836 5614

Damian Scattergood


About Damian

Damian Scattergood is managing director of STAR Translation Services. With over 35 years experience in business and translation he is an expert in language and communication technology. He has worked with many multinational companies in various roles – giving him a breadth of experience across business operations. He is the driving force for sales in STAR Dublin and works with companies helping them drive their global growth.

The Origins of POSH

Posh Beginnings

The Origins of POSH


The word posh has been in use in modern English since the 1910s. There is a story, that tells of well-to-do passengers who travelled between England and India had the word POSH written next to their names on bookings. POSH apparently stood for ‘Port Out, Starboard Home‘. The concept behind it was that the more desirable cabins were on the port side (left) which was the shady part of the ship and starboard (right side) travelling back to England.


POSH has its beginnings as an abbreviation, but the research team at the Oxford English Dictionary could not find any evidence of this; the researchers searched shipping company documents and even interviewed former travellers and found no evidence of its use.

What is also interesting is that the word had been in use for some twenty years until the story of its origins came into light in the 1930s. While the story is intriguing, it has yet to be proven and so far, it has been debunked. Oh dear!

The STAR Team

Source: OED, Oxford English Dictionary Language Resources

Draw My Life STAR Translation

Draw My Life | STAR Translation

Draw My Life | STAR Translation

Draw My Life | STAR Translation: Journey of a Start-up…

Over the years, many people have asked how we started STAR translation Dublin. We were a typical start-up and grew rapidly into the professional translation company we are today.

Paul Quigley and Damian Scattergood, our founders, share an insight into how we started. It all began in 2002, from a chance meeting at a LocalizationWorld conference in Dublin city with the CEO of STAR AG. Fast-forward seven days later when STAR-TS.COM was born.

Here is our story…

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421 Scots' words for snow

Great Scots! 421 Words for Snow

421 Scots' words for snow

There’s Snow Stopping the Scots!

It has been documented that the Inuits of Greenland, and parts of Alaska, have more than 50 words for snow, but recently we discovered that the Scots have 421 words for snow. You might think that northerly countries like Iceland or Greenland have more words for snow given their freezing temperatures, but the Scots reign supreme for more ways to describe the light, white stuff.

Academics at the University of Glasgow started a project to compile a thesaurus of Scots words. The Historical Thesaurus of Scots is the first of its kind and is being published online. The team of researchers has appealed to the public to send in their own words. They’re even accepting images to illustrate Scots words in all categories.

Always About Weather

Weather and Sport were the first two categories to gain the most entries when the thesaurus was set-up. The game of marbles overtook football for the most synonyms — a staggering 369 words.

“Weather has been a vital part of people’s lives in Scotland for centuries. The number and variety of words in the language show how important it was for our ancestors to communicate about the weather, which could so easily affect their livelihoods.”

“You might expect sports like football and golf to loom large in the thesaurus, but it turns out that there are actually more words relating to marbles – which is an indication of how popular the game has been with generations of Scottish children”, states Dr Susan Rennie, lecturer in English and Scots language at the University of Glasgow.

Other elements of weather like clouds and mist have many entries in the thesaurus.

Some Scots words for Snow

  • snaw — snow
  • snawie — snowy
  • blin-drift — drifting snow
  • skovin — a large snowflake
  • flindrikin — a slight snow shower
  • flukra — snow falling in large flakes
  • spitters — small drops or flakes of wind-driven snow and rain

View all the words and images online at and follow them on Twitter @scotsthesaurus.

The STAR Team

Animal names into different languages

Most Popular Animal Names in Different Languages

Animal names in different languages

Animal Names in Different Languages

Are you learning a new language? Ever wondered what the most well-known animals are called in different languages!

We’ve put together a list of recognisable animal names from ant to whale, monkey to platypus and many more from English into Irish, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

Irish Animal Names

Learning the Irish names for animals may spark your interested in the endangered language. How many do you already know?

Download the high quality PDF to use at home, in your office, share with friends or, if you’re a teacher, place in the classroom — it may inspire!

The STAR Team