Chinese New Year 2013: Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake 2013

Chinese New Year: year of the snake

Year of the Snake / Stock photo

Chinese New Year is fast approaching along with some other key holidays. If you are planning Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese translation projects in February, you will need to plan as follows.

  1. Chinese New Year: 9th to 16th of February 2013
    • Celebrating year of the snake, Chinese businesses will be closed from 9th to 16th of February 2013. During this time, we will not be able to work on any Chinese projects; kindly take this into consideration while planning your projects
    • Full service will resume on Monday 18th of February
    • If you need Chinese translation, please kindly send us your projects earlier than 9th of February or later than 16th of February. This will allows us sufficient time to arrange them to be handled for you.
  2. Vietnamese Lunar New Year Holidays 2013
    • Most businesses in Vietnam will be closed from Monday 11th of February to Friday 15th of February 2013 for Vietnamese Lunar New Year Holidays
    • Normal operating hours will resume on Monday, 18th of February 2013
  3. Korean Lunar New Year
    • 11th of February is the festival of Lunar New Year in Korea; take this holiday into consideration when planning all Korean translations

We provide translation services in Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages.

Happy new year to all our friends, customers, suppliers and partners around the world.

The STAR Team

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