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Building Brics

Our newsletter this month focuses on our core business of translation.

During Seachtain na Gaeilge we promoted our Irish translation services on social media like YouTube and Facebook. Meanwhile we are also focusing on expanding markets in the BRIC countries. STAR already has a BRIC presence supporting Brazil, Russia, India and China so we can share our knowledge on these expanding countries.  Finally we’ve been recognised for our quality and hard work by being nominated for 2 separate awards.

Doing Global Business in BRIC Countries

BRIC : Brazil, Russia, India and China are the hot topic of discussion in translation and export markets right now. According to the Goldman Sachs’ report, China and India will become the dominant global supplier for manufactured goods and services. Meanwhile, Brazil and Russia will become the dominant players for raw materials and energy.

STAR helps clients who do business in BRIC countries by providing translation services for Documents, Websites and Manuals. If you’re doing business in any BRIC country – STAR can assist you with your language requirements.

Want More BRIC?

Top 10 Languages

What are the best languages to translate into? As a translation company we provide translation in over 45 languages including Irish from our offices here in Dublin 3. We analyzed all our translation for 2011 and are happy to publish the results for our global readers. The top 3 are:

1. German

2. French

3. Irish

As you might imagine our closest international neighbors are top with German and French being the most popular languages we translated last year. Irish was the 3rd most popular language being our native language.

For more results visit out top 10 languages page.

10 Irish Lessons for Seachtain Na Gaeilge

STAR spoke Irish for Language Week – with the launch of our “Irish Word of The Day” Videos . The short video series taught people how to speak a number of Irish words and sentences. You can watch the videos here on

STAR’s English Grammar Question – Dr. or Dr?

What is the correct abbreviation for Doctor?

This week we are having a big debate about this one and we’re still not decided who won. There are multiple camps in this space.
Share your point of view with us – Which abbreviation do you use and why?

Follow the Dr. discussion here:

Budget 2012 : Supporting Business

Budget 2012s finer details were released recently in the Finance Bill 2012 which contains a significant number of items that favour Foreign Direct Investments into Ireland such as:

  • Research & Development (R&D) relief
  • Foreign Earnings Deduction (FED)
  • Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP)
  • 0% corporation tax rate for new companies.

For further information, see Finance Bill 2012

STAR Nominated for 2 Awards

We’re delighted to tell you we’ve been nominated for 2 separate awards for our service and social media work.

Bord Gáis Social Media Awards 2012
Our Social media work has been recognized by the fact that we are nominated in 4 separate categories. You can see all the nominations here:

Entrepreneurial Business Awards (EBA) 2012:
For our customer services and entrepreneurial drive building our business over the last few years STAR has been shortlisted for the Dublin Entrepreneurial Business Awards!

It is fantastic to have our hard work recognized by the market and our customers so thank you all for your continued support and business.

Damian Scattergood
Managing Director
STAR Translation Services | Confidence in a Translated World
Docklands Innovation Park
128-130 East Wall Road
Dublin 3, Ireland
Phone : +353 1 8365614
Fax   : +353 1 8364644
STAR TS : ISO 9001:2008 Certified Translation Provider
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